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Why call upon a Wedding Planner?

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It’s time for the preparations, and you feel lost? Or are you swimming in a flood of ideas and things to think about? Your friends are talking about what they did for their wedding. Your family wants to get involved. Your work makes you realize that you won’t have enough time to manage the preparation of the wedding. And then, as a glimmer of hope, someone asks you: “Why not hire a wedding planner? But you certainly ask yourself:

What can she bring me more?

How will someone I don’t know succeed in organizing MY wedding?

The profession of Wedding Planner is now known everywhere. However, few people understand concretely what the Wedding Planner can bring you. You should know that in France, about 1 couple out of 10 uses a wedding planner. In the United States it is 9 couples out of 10!

I give you 20 answers to the following question: Why use a Wedding Planner?

1-Lack of time

This is often one of the main reasons. You are busy with your work, sometimes on the road or you work

work 6 days a week. In short, nothing that leaves you time to organize the wedding of your dreams. The Wedding Planner is there for that! At the end of a first meeting, she takes stock of your wishes, your desires, your priorities, your fears and your prohibitions. Then she prepares a commercial proposal, with a provisional budget and off you go. She looks for, sorts and contacts the different service providers, and organizes the preparations for you! However, she will ask you to validate the choices and she will not try on the wedding dress for you of course.

2-Lack of ideas

You don’t really have any inspiration for your wedding, or on the contrary you have so many different ideas that you don’t know what to choose. This is the advantage of the Wedding Planner, his sense of creativity and the habit of organizing several weddings per year allows him to propose ideas that you would never have thought of. While ensuring the consistency and harmony of the theme and style of wedding chosen. The wedding planner knows perfectly where to pick up ideas and assemble them to best suit your desires.

3-The distance

Here is another important point! If you live far from your wedding venue, hiring a wedding planner is a comfortable solution for you. For example, if you are from Paris and you want to get married in the south of France, there is little chance that you can travel during the weekend or the week to make appointments with suppliers, search for venues or prepare your wedding on site. By hiring a Wedding Planner you will be able to organize a meeting on site once or twice before the wedding to visit the chosen venue and taste the caterer’s dishes. For the rest, the Wedding Planner takes care of everything by informing you remotely! Practical, isn’t it?

4-The Expertise

It seems obvious, but the Wedding Planner has much more expertise than you in the world of weddings! Even if this is your fourth wedding, he organizes about 15 weddings a year. The Wedding Planner knows the wedding event inside out and will not fail to remind you of certain details to remember: administrative, organizational or traditional. He knows what, where, when, how and why certain details are essential and he will be your guide throughout the preparations.

5-The network of providers

As I mentioned earlier, a wedding planner organizes about 15 weddings per year, often in the same region. This means that he knows the good service providers and those with whom you should not work. He will therefore be able to advise you, based on his experience, of service providers adapted to your desires and your needs. You probably don’t want to end up with a freelance photographer, a DJ who thinks he’s in Ibiza or a caterer who serves you salty puff pastries. For those who have seen the movie “Le Sens de la Fête”, I recommend it to any future bride and groom, it is extremely funny.

6-Price negotiation

This is one of the financial assets of the Wedding Planner. The habit of working with certain service providers allows him to obtain more advantageous rates for his future brides and grooms. We are not talking about a 50% discount but about a free tasting, a 5% discount on the reception hall or free boutonnieres in the florist’s quote. Small negotiations that are not negligible and that will reduce the total cost of the wedding at the end. To know the cost of a wedding, I invite you to consult this article!

7-Budget management

Who has trouble managing their expenses, doesn’t keep track of their accounts or buys without counting? Even if you are a brilliant accountant and manage your personal financial situation to perfection, it is sometimes pleasant to delegate the task to the Wedding Planner. His knowledge of prices and the general cost of a wedding will allow him to draw up a provisional budget in line with your desires and your choices. The Wedding Planner will be able to alert you to the progress of the budget with one watchword: respect it! Because it is up to you and only you to decide how much you want to spend on your wedding. The Wedding Planner must simply adapt and make sure not to exceed it.


How nice it is to have someone you can trust who knows the business, the environment and the organization better than anyone. The Wedding Planner is also the keeper of your secrets, listening to your desires but also your fears. The role of the Wedding Planner is sometimes also to reassure the future bride and groom and to erase their doubts. This is an opportunity for you to have an attentive ear at your side, without judgment and with objective advice.

9-The stress of the organization

I can see you stressing about organization! You tend to put everything off until tomorrow, or don’t know where to start and how to get things ready. Calling on a wedding planner is to entrust him with the organization of your wedding without stress. He knows the retroplanning of a wedding, he has the organizational tools to manage the progress of the preparations at best: Research sites, specialized software, Excel spreadsheet, Product sheet, Price sheet …. The Wedding Planner is truly the conductor of your wedding for which you are composers and spectators.

10-Delegate without being imposed

I am now addressing future brides and grooms who have parents, parents-in-law or friends who want to impose certain choices. Yes, it happens that mother-in-law absolutely wants to reserve the village hall because she thinks it is better than a renovated barn. Or that your aunt thinks that this little red wine that a friend produces would be perfect for your wedding meal. Stop, stop, stop! Calling on a Wedding Planner means delegating the organization of your wedding to him without having anything imposed on you. He will always have an opinion or advice to give but it is the choice of the bride and groom that will be made! The opportunity for you to tell your family that it is the Wedding Planner who takes care of these aspects for more convenience.

11-Channeling you

The role of the Wedding Planner is to channel you on your choices if they are unfeasible or out of budget. It is the Wedding Planner who will evaluate the feasibility of your choices, their coherence and their cost to ensure that you do not go off in all directions. If you wish to have fireworks outside for the arrival of the cake, it is the Wedding Planner who will make sure to obtain the authorizations and to ensure the safety of the place for example. He will gather your ideas and desires and will alert you if it is not feasible.

12-Managing the unexpected

Calling on a wedding planner means letting him manage the unexpected. Sometimes in the event industry, there are unforeseen events, oversights or non-conforming services. The Wedding Planner knows what type of unforeseen events can occur during a wedding and has the ability to manage the stress to find a solution. His expertise allows him to anticipate unforeseen events and to know how to respond more quickly and efficiently than you probably will. Especially if something unexpected happens on the big day, you and your guests have other things to do than to worry about calling a late provider or to make last minute adjustments. I’ll let you in on a secret, often the Wedding Planner will take care of unforeseen events without you even noticing. No stress, no feeling of ruining your day!

13-Guest Management

Your Wedding Planner is the person in charge of your wedding, and his goal is to take care of your well-being of course and your guests too. This involves several points: the management of accommodation for your guests, the organization of surprises for your witnesses, friends or family and also their comfort on the big day (disabled access if necessary, vegetarian meals if necessary, recruiting a baby-sitter to look after the children).

14-Having a tailor-made wedding

I’m surprised that I didn’t put this important point a little higher on the list, but to call upon a Wedding Planner is to benefit from a tailor-made wedding. The Wedding Planner knows how to listen to your desires, your needs and translate your dreams into reality. For example, you don’t know how to set up a country style decoration with a “guinguette” theme, the Wedding Planner will know how to make your wishes come true by designing your wedding to your image.

15-Benefit from objective advice

The Wedding Planner will always give you objective advice concerning the organization of your wedding. He too wants everything to be perfect on the big day, and he has no interest in your wedding being spoiled or badly organized. It is his reputation and his image that could suffer. As previously stated, the role of a Wedding Planner is to give sound advice through his expertise and skills without serving his own interest.

16-Having someone to ask questions to

Often during the preparation of a wedding, the future spouses ask themselves many questions and seek advice from their friends, family or colleagues. Some of them ask for information on forums or blogs. Everyone has their own experience but it is important to remember that every wedding is different. The Wedding Planner knows this and is able to answer your questions according to your wedding. He knows your desires and your needs and will be able to answer you in all coherence of your wedding and always with objectivity.

17-To save money

This is a point to be qualified, because as I said before the Wedding Planner can negotiate prices with his providers for example. However, many wedding planners point out that using their services will be cheaper than organizing your wedding yourself. This means that the money saved by negotiating with the suppliers is equal or even greater than the cost of the Wedding Planner. This is rarely the case in all honesty. However, what is certain is that a Wedding Planner will save you time; and time is money!

18-Respecting the Schedule

The Wedding Planner knows it, he has no choice: everything must be ready for the wedding day. No one wants to find themselves on the big day with unfinished decorations and unprinted menus. Time management and planning is the role of the Wedding Planner. Equipped with his retroplanning and his “To-do list” he manages the progress of the preparations and makes sure that nothing is forgotten on the big day.

19-Setting up on D-Day

Imagine arriving at your wedding on D-Day and all the service providers are already there, the decorations are set up, the DJ knows exactly when to play your music. What a relief, isn’t it? No need to come and set up the day before, or the morning before the civil ceremony. This is thanks to the Wedding Planner who has given instructions to each of the service providers, with a roadmap of the event. He is also the one who informs when the surprises take place and who coordinates the providers between them. Like an agent in the shadows, he prepares, installs and verifies for you the good progress of the wedding. Normal, it is several months that he takes care of your wedding, he knows you and especially he knows his job.

20-One word of order: Enjoy

In addition to the setting up that you do not have to do on the day of your wedding, when the reception starts you can simply enjoy the moment, your family and your friends from beginning to end. The day is framed by a program for which the Wedding Planner will act as a guide. Let yourself be carried away by what you will certainly call afterwards: The most beautiful day of your life.

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