Wedding accessories: which ones to choose?

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Accessories are not just details. They sometimes make all the difference for a wedding and some of them are essential, like the bridal veil for example. Shoes, jewels, bouquet, jacket to warm up your dress… We review the accessories that will sublimate you the D-day!

The wedding dress finally found, you must be interested in the wedding accessories that will allow you to highlight even more. From head to toe, discover these accessories that will be very useful on the big day. Which wedding shoes to choose?
Which jewels or flowers to choose according to the dress?
What if it’s cold? Our advice: choose accessories that will allow you to spend a comfortable day!
How about flat shoes or sneakers? Nothing prevents you from planning a nice pair of heels, with a change of clothes to dance without suffering. Finally, bridal jewelry and a veil are essential to make you look your best on the big day.

Bridal shoes: heels or sneakers?

You need both! We rarely see a bride arrive directly in sneakers during a ceremony. Beautiful heels, with which you can walk with elegance are essential for the ceremony. Choose them tone on tone, in light or pastel colors. They can also be ivory or lace for a perfect and unique outfit on the big day.
However, if you plan to dance with your guests into the night, a pair of flat shoes or chic sneakers will be welcome! You’ll be happy and relieved at the end of the day that you had this plan B. Especially since there are many trendy shoes to get married in sneakers.
Also, unless you lift up your wedding dress, almost no one will notice that you changed your shoes.

The bride’s bouquet

The bouquet of flowers accompanies the bride to the altar. It is held in the hand without leaving it, and it sublimates the wedding dress, and even the wedding photos! Its colors, its scents and its shape embellish the bride of the day, who has difficulty getting rid of it for the bouquet toss. But who cares, it will bring happiness to the guest who manages to get her hands on it.
Maybe she will get married in the course of the year? The bouquet of flowers has therefore all its importance the day of your wedding. But which flowers and which color to choose according to her dress? Do you have to match the groom or the bridesmaids?

Wedding accessory : the bridal veil

The bridal veil is the essential accessory to enhance your dress and your hairstyle on the big day. If you don’t plan to wear headpieces or a tiara, why not bet on the bridal veil? But what is its meaning exactly? Borrowed from tradition and considered a symbol of purity, the bridal veil would refer to an ancient custom where the man threw a sheet over the head of the woman to kidnap her. According to beliefs and religions, the veil is worn mainly to hide the face of the wife who reserves her beauty to her future husband, the latter being invited to lift it to reveal the face of his beloved and verify at the same time that it is the right person. Nowadays, the bridal veil comes in all its forms. Short or long, lace or rhinestone, simple or embroidered… Several criteria will allow you to choose the veil which corresponds most to your personality and your morphology. Long veils with a train for example have the advantage of lengthening the silhouette.

Necklaces and earrings…. What jewelry to choose?

Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress, consider jewelry. Depending on your wedding dress, its color or your hairstyle, you will choose different models on your big day. For example, choose a back necklace or a pendant for a low-cut or halter wedding dress, discreet or long earrings if you wear a bun or loose hair….

Accessories for the bride’s hair

Beaded barrettes, rhinestone tiaras, flower crowns and other hair ties are essential to decorate the most beautiful bridal hairstyles with style and romance. Even more so if your chignon is rather traditional or if you have chosen a simple hairstyle with loose hair. Don’t hesitate to do some tests beforehand with your hairdresser of the day in order to find the wedding accessory that will suit both your hairstyle and your wedding dress.

Jacket, cape, bolero: wedding accessories to warm up your dress

Whether we get married in the middle of August, in the fall or in the middle of winter, we are never sure of having good weather on the big day. Rainy afternoons, cool evenings… It’s a good idea to anticipate the prediction of the weather and plan a jacket, camisole or knitted shawl to bring warmth with style. And what better way than to match it to your dress? Angora vest, well-cut blazer, vintage camisole, silk stole…

What lingerie for the big day?

The wedding lingerie has small details (bow, ribbons …) that will make all the difference. As for colors, you can choose white or flesh-colored underwear but also pastel colors. Why not choose powder pink for example? If you have chosen a strapless wedding dress, opt for a bandeau bra. The low-cut bras are perfect for dresses with a V-neckline. Moreover, prefer a triangle bra if you have a small chest. Panties, thong, tanga …
Choose a bottom in which you will feel good. For example, no question of trying the tanga on your wedding day! If you have a little belly, choose a high waist panty. It will put you at your advantage. On the other hand, if you have chosen a very tight dress, wear a thong instead. To give you some ideas, take a look at our selection of bridal lingerie

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