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For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with one of the most delicate subjects in the preparation of a wedding: the famous budget! I’ve given you tips on how to maximize your decorating budget by using the power of flowers in a judicious and economical way. Flowers are also traditionally used to enhance the beauty of the queen of the evening: the bride!

The bridal bouquet and the budget

Here again, the rules of buying apply, if you want to stay within a reasonable budget. A bridal bouquet purchased at a florist can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars! Remember to choose flowers that are in season and locally grown (if you are getting married in the summer, of course) and respect the arrival seasons of imported flowers. Remember that the scarcity of a product reflects substantially on its price.

Economical choices

Foliage is inexpensive, many are very resistant to water shortages and are very practical for adding volume to a bouquet. Here are some examples:


Beautiful foliage, very resistant, it is a beautiful soft green that blends very well with roses, garden flowers by giving them a very fresh and spring-like appearance.


Delicate, fresh green or deep dark green, they are well suited to country bouquets and are magnificent on the outer edge of a round bouquet (Victorian style) which they dress up like lace.

Exotic or tropical foliage

Often very voluminous (monstera), they are used for their graphic side and their malleability. They can be folded, arranged around the bouquet to make a sleeve that hides the stems (instead of the traditional ribbon), they can be used to make bows, loops (accordion-like foliage)… in short, their use is endless. They are well suited to exotic flower bouquets, but also to all bouquets that have a graphic style (modern, Zen, refined, Asian …).

Bear grass

A soft green grass, very light, practical to give an ethereal and even disheveled side to the bouquet. It can also be used as a link by making knots and loops.

For the flowers themselves, ask your florist. Prices vary greatly from week to week and he or she can guide you through the arrivals. Remember to place your order in advance, to ensure the availability of the florist and the flowers that must be ordered within a certain time frame.

Bouquet versus bride’s body type and personality

The size and shape of the bouquet must be inspired by and take into account the bride’s morphology: its size, shape and proportions must be in harmony with the volume and shape of the bouquet.

Small bride

A small bride will think of a round bouquet, not too big and will avoid sprays (like calla lilies with long stems) and cascades of flowers that are better suited to taller girls.

Delicate or curvy bride

A dainty bride can afford a small, understated bouquet (lily of the valley style in spring). A small, monochromatic bouquet will have no impact on a curvy bride.

What about personality?

Personality is also very important: a shy and discreet girl will be uncomfortable carrying a big, colorful, flamboyant bouquet for hours! In the same way, a simplistic bouquet will go unnoticed in the hands of a girl with a strong personality who could have assumed a spectacular bouquet.

Here again, the role of the professional you have chosen is essential. Talk with him/her about these important details and make sure that your bouquet will reflect your taste and personality.

The bouquet and the wedding dress

Always bring a picture of your wedding dress to your florist. This dress of all dresses (!) will be her primary inspiration in creating your bouquet. The fabric, style, shape, color and volume of your dress is important information for the creation of your bouquet.

A lace dress

It will suggest an openwork and delicate bouquet.
A very fashionable and modern dress

It will suggest a graphic bouquet with pure lines.

A princess dress

It will go well with a romantic bouquet, generous and round, decorated with flower jewels (pearls and stones) and ribbons.

A simple dress

It will call for a monochrome bouquet with little or no variety in flowers and plants.

Traditionally, bridal bouquets were composed of white flowers. This tradition is no longer used today and we see more and more colorful bouquets. The season of the wedding is essential here: the luminosity, the colors present in nature vary infinitely that one is in summer, in winter, in autumn and in spring.

Let the season inspire you and you will make wise choices in terms of budget (flowers in season). Your flowers will also be in harmony with nature and its light!

The bride’s bouquet and the wedding decoration

The bride’s look is a whole: her dress, her hairstyle, her makeup, her jewelry and of course her bouquet. There is no need to copy the decor of the venue when creating this look! Instead, think of it as a source of inspiration (for example, a reminder of the color or the choice of certain flowers) so that the whole is in harmony, but without forgetting that your bridal bouquet is an original entity that is independent of the other bouquets (like the centerpieces).

In addition to your entrance and exit at the time of the ceremony, it is in the photos that your bouquet will take all its importance. Remember to always hold it at an elegant height: without hiding your face, slightly below your chest, elbows at 90 degrees and tilting it delicately forward so that it is visible to the guests and on the photos (for a round bouquet), in the hollow of your elbow for a spray… Stay elegant, all eyes are on you: carrying the bouquet at arm’s length like a statue of liberty or an Olympic athlete on the podium should be avoided or at least reserved for a very brief and explosive moment!

If possible, have a bouquet fitting with your florist. The idea is that the proportions are good and harmonious, the length of the stems and the size of the sleeve (set of stems wrapped with ribbon or foliage) must be adapted to your hands and comfortable.

All of these details may seem complex, but will be self-evident to an experienced florist.

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