How will the Corona virus change for the honeymooners?

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In recent months, we are learning to change our habits as the Covid-19 pandemic evolves. Of course, this crisis also affects the wedding industry, and especially honeymoons. Let’s see what the consequences are.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the emergence of new forms of social gatherings, and perhaps you have had to organize an original wedding adapted to the rules of distancing and hygiene that we have been observing for the past few months. You may have had to change the date of your wedding invitations, and thus have to transform the look of your wedding invitations to include the new information about your event.

The big day is not the only one to be disrupted by this new state of affairs, as honeymoons are also experiencing upheaval. While the corona virus doesn’t prevent you from keeping the same wedding theme or indulging in romantic wedding hall decorations, it can force the bride and groom to rethink their honeymoon plans.

To give you an idea of what to expect from honeymooners in the coming weeks, here’s a quick look at some new habits and measures.

Reinforced hygiene procedures

Traveling right now is not the same as traveling before. If you have already taken the train or the plane, you have of course noticed that hygiene measures are on the agenda: compulsory wearing of masks in the transport and in the halls, disinfectant gels at disposal, declarations on honour or recent Covid test for certain destinations, disembarkation line by line, temperature control, etc.

For your romantic stay in a hotel, you should know that the establishments also reinforce the hygiene of the rooms and common areas. The staff is trained in barrier gestures, and the gathering places are adapted to the new rules of social distancing.

Some region has also impose a compulsory quarantine period upon arrival.

Individual experiences are preferred

While resorts and other tourism companies have traditionally offered group activities, small group outings are now favored.

Just as you may have adapted your wedding entertainment to the distance rules, the establishments and companies you will be dealing with during your honeymoon will more easily make sports activities and other cultural expeditions available to you in small groups, even one-on-one.

A godsend for the bride and groom who will be able to say their love texts in complete privacy! Picnic kits to isolate yourself in a corner of nature, catered meals to take away, remote dinners under the stars rather than indoors, tourism professionals innovate to receive you safely without spoiling the pleasure of your stay.

Less popular destinations on the program

Forget the big tourist cities, the jet-set islands, the overcrowded coastlines, and for your honeymoon, turn to small country spots, a delight for lovers of country wedding decoration!

The post-confinement trend is clearly towards less trendy honeymoon destinations, the less populated regions of France and Europe, the opportunity to discover true wonders close to home, without crowds and at a lower cost.

Last minute reservations

If we have always advised you to book your honeymoon as far in advance as possible, at least 6 months before the desired date, to get the best rates, we would rather advise you the opposite today!

As the epidemic situation is constantly evolving, it is difficult to project oneself and to have many certainties. We will therefore favor reservations only a few weeks before the key date, by informing ourselves daily of the new travel rules in force, but still taking advantage of this constraint to benefit from last minute promotions.

Easier cancellations

If you still prefer to plan your honeymoon in advance, just as you have booked the caterer in charge of your original wedding menu for months, you should know that you should normally benefit from more flexible cancellation and refund policies, both from the railways and airlines as well as from the host establishments: hotels, resorts, campgrounds, etc.

Honeymoons in two stages

Do you want to take a honeymoon but are afraid of the travel restrictions currently in effect? Why not live your honeymoon in two parts?

Many couples opt for a short stay close to home in the days or weeks following their event, and wait until the current health situation is under control before flying to a more exotic destination.

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