Planning the Wedding

How to set the date of your wedding?

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The organization of your wedding starts with the choice of the date of your union. It is sometimes complicated to decide on a particular date without really knowing why to choose this one more than another. Through this article, I wanted to give you some tips and tricks to set your wedding date. The goal is to make sure that it is in coherence with your desires, your ideas and inspirations, that it leaves the opportunity to your guests to be all present. And then you give some administrative information to know absolutely.

The different steps of the preparation of your wedding

The choice of your wedding date will be extremely important. You must give yourself time to plan and organize each step of the preparations. Getting married in 3 weeks is never impossible but it leaves you little time for reflection and you will be confronted with the unavailability of certain service providers. As a reminder, I give you all the steps of the preparations to take into account

Planning: You will have to fix the date of the wedding, the place, the region, the season etc… But not only! It will be also how following these choices of date etc… to organize you in a serene way until the D-day.

Then the second step and not the least is the determination of the budget: how to respect it, update it, and all the things not to forget.

Constitution of the guest list. How to draw up your guest list easily, who to invite, how to compromise or not, and everything about stationery, save the date and invitations.

Wedding forms and different types of ceremonies: legal and administrative aspects, insurance, etc…

Get inspired! Find your ideas and gather them to create an essential tool for your wedding: the Moodboard.

Choose your service providers and choose them well. How to meet them, what questions to ask and how to make your choice

Start looking for the ideal outfit for you and your partner.

Then it is the preparation of the decorations to sublimate the various places of your D-day

The programming of the animations to make pass a good moment to your guests and to give a rhythm to the day.

After the setting up of the D-day! How to get ready, all the things not to forget.

The year of the wedding

In general, I always advise future brides and grooms to plan at least one year or more to start the preparations of their wedding. The goal is to take the time to organize step by step without being overwhelmed every weekday evening and every weekend. For those who have chosen this program and who are getting married in 6 months: don’t panic! Organization rhymes with serenity! And if you follow all the steps well everything will go well! And anyway no choice, so we always end up doing it.

The wedding season

You should know that 9 couples out of 10 choose to get married in summer or at least in the high season (from May to September)! It is normal, the weather is favorable to the sunshine, the heat, and the weddings in outside. However, in recent years, more and more brides and grooms are opting for an off-season wedding in October or November, or even in December or January for some. This results in beautiful and surprising themed weddings.

Summer :

Season of weddings, of the sun as previously announced

The – : Prices are much higher, service providers are less available and you will have to be careful with the departure of your guests on vacation.

Spring :

Super season to get married also with milder temperatures, it is the season of flowers conducive to the wedding on the country theme.

The -: It is also a season in demand and beware of allergies!


Gives rise to sumptuous, warm weddings with shimmering colors. Ideal season for a wedding with Terracotta colors!


Much less expensive, up to 40% less depending on the venue.

The season offers a warm and magical setting and will be perfect for a Christmas or mountain theme.

Key day or date

Ask yourself if you have a key date or a lucky number. A couple asked me to organize their wedding, hold on for 2024 because the bride absolutely wants to get married on June 22nd!

You can also get married during the week, or on Friday or Sunday. On the whole it is a less expensive solution than Saturday.

Choosing a wedding date

To set a wedding date that suits you, it is important to ask yourself 4 questions:

When are your guests likely to be most available? Is it on the weekend or during the week? During school vacations or not? The goal is to find a strategic date that will allow you to gather the most important people at the right time for your big day.

What theme do you want to give to your wedding? If you already have a fixed idea such as a country theme wedding, spring is the best season, or if you choose a winter theme, Christmas will be easier in December.

In which region will you get married? In general, you already have an idea of the region and even the city where you want to celebrate your wedding. However, this is a factor to take into account, because in winter on the Atlantic coast it is less conducive to fall or winter weddings.

Finally, the last question is do you want an outdoor wedding or not? For example, a secular ceremony under a tree, a vin d’honneur on a terrace or a reception dinner under a tent?

Once you ask yourself all these questions you will have a good time in mind. And you can move on to the next step.

The wedding date is set

Once your wedding date is set: Tell your witnesses and bridesmaids that you have chosen them and let them know the date of your wedding you will need support throughout the preparations.

Useful information: In the workplace, it is possible to request time off for family events! Indeed, the law provides for a minimum of 4 days of leave for employees. This leave is paid and does not require seniority. You are free to take the days before or after the wedding but it must be at least close to the event. You will need to provide your company with a marriage certificate as proof.

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