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How to organize a wedding in less than 6 months?

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You have decided to get married and you don’t want to wait a year or more to go before the mayor? It’s a challenge but it is possible to organize a wedding in less than 6 months. The Barefoot Bride gives you all the keys to make it happen.

Define your budget and the guest list

The very first things to establish are the budget you wish to allocate to your wedding and your guest list. These two elements will determine the dimension you will give to your union and the choice of your providers, in particular the place of reception.

Make a list of the essentials

Once your budget is determined and the guest list is complete, you can list the elements that are essential to the success of your wedding: geographic area, ceremony, caterer, DJ, photographer, decoration… All this can be done in a weekend. Now it’s time for the organization, which will be rigorous for an express wedding.

M-6 before the wedding

The place of reception

The location of your wedding reception will depend on the number of guests, the geographical area chosen and your finances. Estates and castles can be very popular. If you choose this type of location, propose a wedding during the week or out of season. Otherwise, why not get married in the mountains? Or in the garden of the family home? Or in a restaurant? In short, the main thing is to find a warm and friendly place where you feel good. You will determine the date according to the availability of the chosen site. At the same time, think about your accommodation and that of your guests.

The town hall

Once the date has been set, you must contact the city hall quickly to check their availability. If the civil ceremony is not feasible on the chosen date, you will just have to match the availability of the town hall with that of the chosen reception place. It will be the same if you wish a religious ceremony. Contact with the officiant should be made quickly.

The caterer

Now, you can contact different caterers and DJs in order to find one that is available and that corresponds to your expectations in terms of proposed services.

M-5 before the wedding

The wedding dress

If you opt for a wedding dress, the delay for a custom-made creation will probably be complicated, but if you have a crush on a designer, do not hesitate to contact him/her. Most of them offer solutions. You will also find many ready-to-wear wedding dresses. Think also about renting.

The photographer

Photographers are often booked 12 months in advance. But nothing is impossible. Contact now the photographer(s) you have fallen in love with to see if they are available. Draw up a quote, meet them (in videoconference or in person) and make your choice. Organizing a wedding in less than 6 months doesn’t mean skipping out on something as important as the images. Remember, after the wedding, the images are the only thing that lasts.

the DJ

This is also the time to contact a DJ if you wish to call upon a professional, in order to find one who is available and who corresponds to your expectations in terms of proposed services. For the music, you can also make your own playlist if you want a low budget version.

M-4 before the wedding

You have already organized a lot of things and you are well advanced. Now, you have to think about some details: hair, make-up, officiant for secular ceremony, florist. Think sober and simple for a serene organization of your wedding in less than 6 months.

M-3 before the wedding

The invitations

The place and date of your wedding are reserved. You can start sending your wedding invitations. Don’t forget to include the list of accommodations for your guests.

At this stage, you choose your decoration and establish a planning to make it if necessary. You can also rent it for more convenience. It is also now time to think about the outfits in order to anticipate the alterations (suit, tailor, combi).

M-2 before the wedding

Two months before the big day, you refine your decoration. You carry out your hair and make-up tests. You confirm the number of guests and the menu to the caterer. And you relax a bit before the final rush. This is also part of the preparation of your wedding. A weekend away is always good and it’s an opportunity to take a step back.

M-1 before the wedding

We are almost there. One month before, you will be able to define your table plan and finalize your decoration. You make a last summary of the course of the D-day to your providers and your witnesses. And you are ready!

You see, finally it is not so complicated to organize a wedding in less than 6 months. The condition to succeed is to accept the hazards and not to be able to do everything. And to relieve yourself of potential stress, delegate the organization of your union to a wedding planner.

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