How to choose your wedding suit in 5 steps

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Choosing your wedding suit is not an easy thing, here are our 5 tips to choose your wedding suit: color, cut, style, we tell you everything!

Far from you the idea to act as a simple spectator on your wedding day. We often tend to focus all our attention on the bride, on her outfit, her beauty or her hairstyle. But what about the groom? Men are also beautiful on the big day. Times are changing and they are showing more and more involvement in the choice of their outfit and accessories. Gone are the stereotypes, the 21st century man pays attention to his look and knows what suits him. Need a little help? Follow these 5 steps to choose the perfect suit.

Step 1. The groom’s personality

Who am I? This is the first question you should ask yourself before starting your quest for the perfect wedding suit. Exit the clichés, the conventions and the traditions, you must first find the outfit which looks like you, in agreement with your personality and that of your partner, without worrying about the rest. Bow tie, tie, suspenders or pants with clips, the imagination is your only limit.

It is also important to consider the style of your wedding. Whether it’s traditional or sophisticated, religious or civil, vintage or rural, your choice of attire will also depend on the type of celebration.

Step Two. The type of wedding suit

When choosing a suit, you have three options: the morning coat, the tuxedo or the tails.

The morning coat is the most commonly used garment for the big day, following the example of the English gentlemen when they were riding horses. Ideal for early morning weddings, the wearing of this piece is subject to very strict rules. It is a long jacket with a single button and semi-circular pointed flaps at the back. White shirt, cufflinks and tie with Windsor knot are required. The jacket is matched with black or grey pants with vertical stripes and leather shoes. A top hat and white gloves are not essential, especially if you want to modernize your look.

The tuxedo is the ultimate party suit, present in most of the events, especially media events such as the Oscars or the Caesars ceremonies. Ideal for the afternoon or evening, we opt for a black or blue jacket, straight, on a white shirt and a bow tie to James Bond. We prefer a nice belt and leather shoes.

The tailcoat is the most classic outfit, this jacket is distinguished from the jacket by its silk lapels and its horizontal cut. We then opt for a jacket in ivory piqué, a white bow tie, black pants and lace-up shoes.

Fortunately, the 21st century brings with it a little more originality and fantasy to the bridal world. So, to relax and stand out from the crowd, we dare to use color in small touches and venture into more eccentric fabrics and cuts.

Step 3. Rent or buy

Renting a wedding suit can be more interesting for your finances, because despite the accessories that you will add in addition, it will always remain less expensive than the total purchase of an outfit. Thanks to the renting, you are assured of a certain quality, indeed, many couples, for lack of budget, end up neglecting this aspect. The panel of choice is also very varied, you have an infinity of models of costumes available for rent.

In the case of the purchase of the suit, keep in mind that it is necessary to devote a part of your budget to it, as well as the wedding dress. If the financial question is not a problem, we bet on the quality and the comfort, to be at ease during the most important day of your life. What’s more, you can recycle for other occasions, and it will make a nice souvenir. Ready to wear or made to measure, now that’s the question…

A tailor-made suit, personalizes your outfit even more, it is necessary to choose each piece, to adjust it to your body, to choose the color and the materials composing it. Call on a professional tailor who will be able to turn your dreams into reality, and give your big day a unique dimension. The average cost of a made-to-measure suit is 1000 euros. The ready to wear can be an alternative, especially if you have a smaller budget, you will be just as elegant.

Step 4. Accessories

Accessories for the groom are more varied than they seem. As for the shirt, you can choose the color of your choice depending on the suit you have chosen, and you can add a vest or not. The bow tie or the tie are also a good way to assert your personality. Very trendy this year, suspenders are back in force to bring a vintage touch to your outfit. A handkerchief or a flower in the buttonhole, two pretty cufflinks and you’re done!

As for shoes, generally with laces, their style depends on the personality of the groom. The most commonly used colors are black, blue or brown.

Step 5. Make your wedding suit your own

A real second skin, on the wedding day, your suit must have only one owner: you. It must reflect your personality and allow you to assert it, so you must be 200% sure that its size, color and style suit you.

Try on your suit several times, in a store or at your tailor’s to confirm your choice.
We look for comfort above all: walk, move, dance, jump, if you feel free and at ease, you have won everything. The suit must adapt to your tastes, but also to the shape of your body in all circumstances, because remember, during a wedding anything can happen.

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