How to choose your wedding dress?

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As images of the upcoming wedding dress collections begin to appear, it will soon be time for next year’s brides to start thinking about their wedding dress fittings. Searching for the perfect dress is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding preparations, so here are some tips to help you choose your wedding dress.

Do a first scouting

Make a first idea. On the internet, blogs, Pinterest, look at reports, and photos of the collections of different brands, and ask yourself what you like or not. Are you more attracted to flowing lines, high waist, lace, volume, a neckline in the back…?
Create a Pinterest board dedicated to finding your dress ( it can be secret if you don’t want everyone to have access to it ) and pin what you like, let all these ideas rest, and come back to it with a clear head a few days later to remove what you ultimately like less than the rest. These images will give you a good idea of what you like in a wedding dress.

A dress according to the style of your wedding

Adapt your dress to the style of your wedding. What will be the mood of your day? You’ve probably already chosen the location and colors of your wedding. These elements will influence the choice of your dress. A light and fluid dress will be more adapted to a beach or country wedding compared to a more ornate, sophisticated or voluminous dress that will be more appropriate for a wedding in a beautiful hotel…

Define your budget

Before making an appointment and starting your fittings, clearly define your budget. Whether you are in charge of the purchase of your dress, or whether it is a gift from your parents, establish the maximum budget devoted to this purchase.
To avoid any misunderstanding, but also any disappointment. It would be a shame to fall in love with a dress that is way beyond your means, and to have to choose a dress that you don’t like as much.
There are beautiful dresses for all budgets, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, you will surely find the dress made for you.

Do not delay too much

If it is useless to go too far in advance, at the risk of changing your mind about your dress, be careful not to go too late. Count between 7 to 9 months for example of delay for the making of a custom-made dress by a designer.
Be careful, some houses are overrun for appointments, and sometimes have several weeks of delay before being able to accommodate you. So, for summer weddings, start your fittings in early fall.

And when you don’t make a size 10

Many brides who do not fit into the “standard sizes” report apprehension at the time of the fittings. But most designers are able to offer fittings to as many brides as possible, and some houses offer plus size wedding dresses.
Trust and listening are essential. You must feel comfortable, and if not, go to another house. Wedding dress fittings don’t happen every day, and the experience should leave you with good memories.

Keep an open mind

You’ve pinned the images of dresses you like, defined a favorite shape, an ideal line, that’s perfect! But don’t close yourself off to other styles of dresses that could fit you perfectly. You may have fallen for bohemian dresses on paper, low waist with lace, while finally the empire waist and tulle will better suit your figure.

Surround yourself with the right people

Be accompanied by your closest friends. Choose one or two people you trust, who really know you, and who understand your desires. Trying on fashions with four friends, each with different tastes and opinions, might not help you.
So plan this time in small groups, with people who will be honest, patient, and enthusiastic. Be aware that with the restrictions and security measures of Covid, it is sometimes impossible to come with someone, or only with one person. Ask about this when you make your appointment.

Some houses do not allow photos to be taken during fittings. You can always try to take pictures on the sly, but it’s true that pictures taken on the sly, often with cell phones, will not be the most flattering, and will not really do you credit. It is not uncommon to see a bride-to-be choose her dress, go home, look at the pictures, and then change her mind. All this because of a photo taken on the fly, through the curtain of a poorly lit cabin. If you are not allowed to take a picture, take stock of the models you tried on at the end of your fitting, by annotating your catalog, and detailing the points you liked or disliked. You can review all this later with a clear head.

Choose the best time

Make an appointment during the week. To be more serene, calm, and to have the maximum attention from the consultants who will not be stressed by the sequence of interviews on Saturday, try as much as possible to make an appointment during the week.


Allow yourself enough time. If you want to group your fittings on the same day, allow enough time for each one (about an hour, hour and a half depending on the house), but also enough time to get to the next one. This way, you will be sure not to have to rush, and to be able to try on dresses in peace.

No pressure

The wedding dress is the main question that you will have to answer every time someone talks to you about marriage. It is the moment that makes the commitment you are about to make a little more real, and it remains a true symbol.

Idealized, sacred, and fantasized, the wedding dress is an adventure in itself. But no, you don’t have to burst into tears when you find it, it may not be as if, or as that as you imagined, it may not be designer, or it may not be original, but one thing is sure, it will be yours, you will be beautiful, and most importantly, yes, you will get married. With your better half, not with your dress! So be zen !

Enjoy the moment

The wedding dress fittings are a great moment of the preparations, so have fun and make the most of it!

What about you? How was your wedding dress fitting? Have you already made an appointment with your fiance? Don’t hesitate to tell us about it !

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