How to buy a unique engagement ring? and How to match an engagement ring with a wedding ring?

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The engagement ring is the first official piece of jewelry that symbolizes the sincerity of your love and desire to get married. Yes, but you are torn between the excitement of offering the perfect ring, and the difficulty of finding the one that will never leave your darling’s ring finger? Make his or her heart skip a beat (again) with a perfect 100% handcrafted creation that no one else will wear!

Custom-made creations for an engagement jewel

There aren’t 36 ways to buy a totally unique engagement ring, since traditional jewelry stores offer collections that are produced in large numbers.

Your best alternative is to approach a designer and manufacturer to design the perfect custom engagement ring.

How to prepare the manufacturing project?

It is not easy to launch into this project alone. From the sketch, to the setting, to the selection of the precious stones, it is by being accompanied that you will make the best choices.

The role of an artisan jeweler includes all these steps. He puts his know-how at your disposal to imagine and then create what may be difficult for you to transcribe.

With the advice and guidance of qualified experts, your ideas come to life. They evolve, while remaining faithful to your first expectations, and you will be free to accept or not some proposals for improvement.

1 – Determine the stones that make up the jewel

Timeless and discreet, diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings.

It is also possible to opt for colored gemstones such as ruby (red), emerald (green) or sapphire (blue).

To make the right choice, focus on elegance and refinement. Why? Simply because these two aspects are sure values that fit all types of personality. Staying sober is for you, the guarantee of not making a false step.

2 – Choose the metal of the ring

When choosing a custom-made engagement ring, keep in mind that it is worn in addition to the wedding ring. So think about the harmony of the other jewelry. A rose gold engagement ring might be lacking if your spouse is used to wearing yellow gold.

3 – Think about the shape of the stones and the design

You may not have known it, but there are many other stone shapes besides the classic round solitaire. Marquise, pear, or even cushion? Have a look on the internet to know the latest trends. And if you are totally lost, an architect and jewelry designer will know how to help you.

How to find the perfect jeweler?

These few tips are reliable and allow you to choose the best artisan if :

The jeweler has at least 10 years of practice,
He has diplomas in jewelry creation,
He is welcoming, listens to you and adapts to your requests,
A workshop is physically available in France,
Touch-ups and guarantees are offered,
A website presents its achievements,
The posts of the social networks are neat,
Customer reviews are positive.

All the boxes are checked? Then, go for it! You will leave with an exceptional custom-made engagement ring! And in addition to being totally unique, it will motivate you for sure, to realize the most beautiful of engagement proposals.

How to match an engagement ring with a wedding ring?

One of the difficulties in the choice of an engagement ring is to be able to project yourself so that it fits perfectly with the future wedding ring. These two jewels will accompany you all your life, and are both worn on the left ring finger. The engagement ring overlays the wedding ring, meaning that it is worn over it. This is because the engagement ring can be removed while the wedding band “shouldn’t” (after all, you do as you please).

Here are some tips on how to match these two pieces of jewelry.

The respect of the style of the rings

Generally speaking, the engagement ring is a solitaire, i.e. a ring topped with a precious stone (diamond, sapphire, emerald…). The wedding ring is more often a simple ring adorned with diamonds in round or half round (depending on the budget you want to allocate for your wedding jewelry). These two settings are well matched, because they are sober and timeless.

The harmony of shapes

For more originality, you can opt for a more sophisticated engagement ring or a colored stone. In this case, choose to balance it with a more discreet wedding ring. Similarly, if the engagement ring is simple, you may want to consider a more elaborate wedding ring.

Also, the shapes and sizes of the stones are important. Indeed, if you want the two rings to be worn on the same hand, avoid stones that are too large, which will have difficulty overlapping properly and can create discomfort. This will also prevent you from looking “overloaded”.

The choice of colors

Yellow gold, white gold, pink gold? A simple rule to avoid a mistake in taste: choose an identical alloy for both pieces of jewelry. Also, when you have chosen a colored stone on an engagement ring, prefer a pure diamond on the wedding band. These choices are the certainty of harmonizing your two pieces of jewelry.

The perfect match with custom creations

The engagement ring and wedding band are not purchased at the same time, which makes it difficult. Custom design is a good alternative to make sure you don’t make a mistake. A jeweler can accompany you in the design of one or both rings, and will be able to propose you perfectly complementary jewels. You can even bring him sketches if your ideas are well defined.

Dissociate the two

If the tradition wants that the engagement ring and the wedding ring are worn on the same finger, know that there is no obligation. The engagement ring can be worn on the right hand. While the wedding ring remains on the left hand. In this case, let your imagination run wild. If your darling likes imposing jewels, this solution is the best adapted.

Your doubts persist? Get help from a nearby jewelry store. The best thing to do is to try the two pieces of jewelry and see them worn side by side. You should know that the wedding ring fair is held in many cities in France throughout the year. It is the ideal place to find your precious jewelry.

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