How do you choose what to wear on your honeymoon?

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A few weeks before your departure, you are looking at your closet with a doubtful look. What are you going to pack to live your honeymoon to the fullest? Find out here how to select your clothes properly.

You’ve spent months planning your original wedding. You wanted your event to look like you and you chose a venue that reflects your image as well as a beautiful wedding decoration. To thank your friends and family for their presence and support, you’ve put together some entertaining wedding games to make sure everyone has a great time.

Now it’s time to rest and get some face time on your honeymoon. To make sure that no shadows are cast on your trip, be sure to pack your suitcase and choose the clothes that will accompany you.

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the clothes you will bring.

Adapt your clothes to your destination

The first rule when choosing your honeymoon attire is to consider your destination! Depending on whether you are going to a tropical island or a northern country, your priorities will obviously be different.

Find out about the average temperatures and weather conditions of your vacation spot based on the date you choose to go there. Even if you want to look your best in a seductive red evening gown or a nice slim-fitting outfit like your blue wedding suit, you have to adapt to the context of the country you have chosen.

Take into account the activities on the program

Swimming on the agenda? Take at least two bathing suits with you so that you always have something dry to wear and to vary the pleasures.

Are you planning to go hiking or any other sport? Don’t forget to pack shoes adapted to walking. Are you planning to visit places of worship? Even if it’s very hot, remember to pack covering clothing such as a long dress or linen pants, as some places don’t allow visitors in shorts and tank tops.

Choose simple and harmonious colors

How do you go away for three weeks without a bag that weighs three times your weight? By selecting your clothes wisely! It’s natural to want to change and not always wear the same outfit to whisper love texts to each other at sunset. But that doesn’t mean you have to take your entire closet with you.

One key is to choose basic colors that work well with each other. Select tops and bottoms that can be combined with each other. This will allow you to create a variety of looks with just a few pieces of clothing.

Blue jeans, white, beige or even gray or black clothing and to add color, like your wedding hair accessory, some jewelry, a ch├Ęche or even a headband.

Find the balance between comfort and seduction

A honeymoon usually involves two types of situations: cultural or sporting visits and activities where comfort will be your priority, and special moments alone where you’ll want to feel your best.

Your honeymoon wardrobe should be a mix of these two functions. For the day, we’ll bet on T-shirts, light pants, combi-shorts and simple and comfortable dresses without forgetting shoes able to support long walks.

For the evening, don’t forget to pack your favorite polo shirt or shirt, your cocktail dress or your favorite suit, clothes in which you feel attractive without having the impression of being disguised, because there is nothing better to seduce than to start by pleasing yourself.

Your honeymoon is still far away?

Then start by selecting the outfits for your big day, a beautiful wedding dress that matches your style and a perfectly tailored wedding suit that will make you look your best.

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