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It is one of the most difficult choices of the wedding: choosing the wedding cake. After finding the venue, the dress and the theme, the question of the cake comes into play. It is often considered the centerpiece of the wedding meal and can really become a decorative element in its own right.

When the cake enters the scene, the eyes leave the bride to linger in front of sweets and pastries (only for a few moments, I assure you).

Determine the size according to the number of guests

Indeed, this is the first point, because if you are 30 or 200 the size will inevitably change. It is important to avoid waste and therefore an extra cost for your budget. This does not mean that it will be less spectacular or less greedy, I prefer to specify. We all know that after a wedding meal our appetite is not necessarily there even if we all too often have eyes bigger than our stomachs! A few bites are enough to satisfy us, the important thing is to make us want to taste it and to enjoy ourselves. Concretely, it doesn’t matter the size, the main thing is the volume that you can give it and the staging that goes with it. Note that some pastry chefs on request can offer 1 or 2 layers of fake-cake to give a more voluminous impression; also you can play on the presentation with different layers offset.

Find a wedding cake that looks like you

No, I’m not talking about a wedding cake with a photo of you printed in sugar paste. Rather, I’m talking about personalization and bringing your own personal touch: Sophisticated? Sober? Chic? Elegant? Convivial ? Traditional? Choose a type of cake that you like, it is not necessary to choose an American Wedding Cake just because it is the trend of the moment. You must first make sure that you like your wedding cake and that your guests will like it! Remember your childhood flavors and determine the texture you would like: Creamy or crunchy? Fondant or soft? Airy or crunchy?

Choose the flavor of the wedding cake

Again, you have to trust your taste and that of your guests as well. Even if you love pistachio, it’s unlikely that everyone will love it. You can go for traditional flavors like vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, caramel. Depending on the season and the feasibility of your provider you can also choose more exotic flavors: mango, passion fruit or coconut.

Also think about allergenic ingredients: nuts, peanuts. Or even lactose-free or gluten-free cakes.

Adapt the cake to the theme of the wedding

It is not the type of wedding cake that will necessarily match the theme but rather the decoration, the colors or the flavors. If you choose a pastel wedding theme, keep the same color code for the cake and don’t hesitate to show your wedding mood-board to the cake maker. Your wedding theme is country, why not arrange the cake(s) on wooden logs? Japan is your wedding theme, try Matcha flavors! There are as many ways to adapt your cake as there are themes and desires!

Decorate the wedding cake

Whether it is edible or just decorative, it accessorizes and adds a final touch to the overall look of the wedding cake. The decoration will embellish it, personalize it, set the theme or give it volume. It is not necessary to overload the wedding cake with decoration, a few elements or even one will suffice. The decorative arrangement also has an impact on the overall look of the cake. It can be positioned at the top with the cake topper, in the middle (sugar pearls, fresh flowers), at the bottom (meringues, or edible leaves), or as a support (what will contain the wedding cake as a nougatine flower for example).

Staging the cake

Here’s how to make your wedding cake even more extraordinary: the staging. Here are a few tips to highlight the centerpiece of your meal:

Choose a strategic place to place the cake: in the middle of the room, in front of the stage or somewhere with space to place your guests around.

Position the cake in a place with good light to distinguish every detail

Create a surprise by placing it outside if possible and invite people to discover the cake outside

Energize the entrance of the cake with a rhythmic music chosen by you

Propose a sparkling arrival with Bengal lights, sparkles or candles

Place the cake on a table decorated according to the theme of your wedding: flowers, small decorations, pretty tablecloth

Choosing the right wedding cake provider

This point is essential! Maybe even the most important. Whether it is in partnership with the caterer, a relative, a pastry chef or a wedding designer, you must have confidence! It is better to choose a real pastry chef or cake designer who will certainly be more expensive but with the certainty of an impeccable rendering in form and taste. After all, it’s YOUR perfect day, so don’t make any mistakes. Don’t hesitate to go and meet the pastry chef and tell him what you want. You will find some tips on how to choose your wedding cake provider:

Look at his catalog, website photos and instagram account if possible

Meet the cake maker to see if your wishes are in line with his skills and services

Get advice, a good provider will not hesitate to tell you if the cake of your dreams is feasible or if it can be improved

Ask about the delivery method, if you have to go and get your wedding cake yourself on the big day, it could be complicated

Ask if they offer tasting before the big day

Compare the prices with several patisseries.

Control the cost of the wedding cake

The wedding budget is often more important than the bride and groom imagine at the beginning. But the caterer and the wedding cake are often the key items of expenditure for which one dares to exceed the budget! And you are right. People may not remember the bride’s shoes or the appetizer served at the vin d’honneur, but they will remember your wedding cake. That said, there’s no need to inflate the price of the cake by adding gold leaf or designer Macaroons. Here are a few tips on how to control the cost of your wedding cake

Revisit the standards of a pastry chef by matching it to your theme

Choose a simpler cake and work on the staging

Determine the quantity to avoid waste

Ask the pastry chef for advice on how to reduce the cost of the cake, such as the ingredients or fruits chosen

Pay attention to the conservation and the transport

This is the sensitive part of the cake! Nobody wants to see their wedding cake melted, deformed or worse: fallen on the floor. Because no, it does not happen only in movies and accidents can happen. To avoid as much as possible the risks and minimize the unexpected, here are some tips:

Ask the wedding designer or caterer how to best preserve the cake

Make sure you have a cold room or a fridge big enough to store the cake on the big day in addition to the caterer’s meal

Rarely done on site, secure the transport and delivery by the caterer or the wedding designer to avoid collapse

Place the cake on a wheeled cart for easy transport to the venue at dessert time

Check and re-check the stability of the table so that it is sturdy and wide enough to support the cake

Taste your wedding cake!

Finally, it is essential to taste your wedding cake before the big day and especially before signing the contract! Simply to make sure that it is as you imagine it and as you wish, too many brides and grooms are disappointed on the wedding day. Some caterers or wedding designers offer you the tasting of Chou, macaroons, cake in small portions depending on the wedding cake you have chosen. This allows you to have a good time (no one is against a small comforting cake) but especially to adjust the taste, texture or design to your liking. This service is often paid but deducted if you sign later with the provider


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