5 ideas for the day after the wedding.

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Today I wanted to talk about the day after the wedding! The wedding party is unfortunately over (it always goes by way too fast). But nothing prevents you from prolonging the party a bit. The best option is to organize an after wedding party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small group or if you have all the guests from the day before, but if you don’t want to cut the euphoria of your wedding short, this day after will be beneficial. You will have time to talk with some people if you did not have time the day before and take the opportunity to thank some of them. Concerning the location of the day after the wedding, you have several options: at home, at the reception site, in a restaurant, on the beach or in picnic mode in the countryside. The important thing is just to prolong the moment. Here are some ideas for your day after wedding meal.

The traditional morning-after brunch

A sweet and savory atmosphere around a buffet filled with little things to nibble on in any order you like! You can ask your caterer for this type of service. I advise you to propose things easy to eat, with the meal and the evening of the day before it may be that your guests are a little bit stubborn. Plan small pieces per person. For the salty: small slices of cold cuts, salmon, small terrines, mixed salads, cheeses of the day before … For the sweet: mini-viennoiseries, bread, butter, jam, cake of the day before (if there is any left). In short, please yourself! Concerning the drinks, don’t forget the juices and the flavored waters! Very requested for a day after a wedding, fresh juices will wake up the most sleepy. A good dose of energy before taking the road! You can also offer the bottles of alcohol (wine, champagne) used during the dinner.

The food-truck trend!

More and more brides and grooms are using it as a day after wedding meal. It is great because it does not require any preparation beforehand. Whether you are standing or sitting at the table, the food-truck is your ally! Especially since your guests will probably not all arrive at the same time. This will allow everyone to eat when they feel like it, and to leave the place when they wish to take the road for example. This format is trendy but still very original and surprising for your guests. Choose a food-truck with the style of cuisine you want to offer: fish&chips, salads, hot-dogs, small home-made dishes, bagels, burgers, pasta everything is possible! Be careful if you don’t take a food-truck that operates in your area you will surely be obliged to pay the mileage costs. Check the accessibility of the location of the day after the wedding as well.

The single dish as a wedding day meal!

Certainly the simplest and most economical solution. Propose a large single dish where your guests can come and serve themselves in turn. It is a very friendly format that will require little organization! If you are planning a hot or difficult to eat dish, I invite you to provide a few tables and chairs to be more comfortable. Concerning the choice of the dish, it is up to you to see what you like and why not the theme of your wedding! For a wedding between a Portuguese and a Spanish couple, the bride and groom opted for two dishes of their origin: Bacalhau and Paella! It’s a good solution to make your guests discover the typical dishes of your origins!

The next day participation in “tour of the regions” mode

I present you my little favorite of the moment! The title may not seem explicit to you but I will explain the concept. In a wedding I attended, the bride and groom had asked each family to bring a specialty from their region. And when you have guests coming from the 4 corners of France or the world I assure you a pure discovery session! Cannelés from Bordeaux, crepes from Brittany, Quenelles from Lyon, Cagouilles from Charente, Basque ham! In the form of a big buffet, the guests put down their home-made or bought regional speciality, whatever it was! So everyone could taste original dishes or ones they didn’t know at all. In addition, you don’t have to hire a caterer the next day or prepare everything yourself, what more can I say?

Do-it-yourself for your guests!

My last suggestion is to propose a similar base dish for everyone but that your guests can add their own touch. Let me explain, if you know Subway or Eat Salad it’s the same principle (No I’m not sponsored for quoting these two fast food chains. More concretely, you can propose a burger bar, a bagel bar, a salad bar or a noodle bar for example. Let’s take the burger example: each guest will have his own burger bun in which he can choose to add the ingredients he wants: ground steak or tofu steak, salad, tomatoes, fried onions, cheese, sauces etc… It’s an original, friendly and fun idea. Especially since your guests will be able to enjoy their meal according to their personal tastes!

I hope you will enjoy these ideas for a wedding day meal! I also invite you to read the article on culinary animations and salty theme bars for your wedding that could give you ideas.

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