4 tips to prepare your skin before the wedding!

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Hello everyone: brides and grooms-to-be! I think this article can be addressed to both men and women for the time being. Nobody wants to end up with a pale complexion on the big day, dark circles under the eyes or a little pimple that appears in the middle of the forehead. I totally understand, it is the dread of many brides and grooms a few days before the wedding. Simply because you want to be the most beautiful possible for your wedding. But here’s the thing, the stress of the D-Day, the sunburns, and the acne that are present at your party, you don’t want that to happen to you! I don’t want to improvise myself as a beauty youtuber and give you makeup tutorials. But I wanted to give you some tips that I usually give to my future brides and grooms to prepare your skin before the wedding!

Treat that good old sunburn as soon as possible!

When you normally get a sunburn, you tell yourself “it will pass”. And indeed, in a few days, the redness fades away to make room for a nice tanned complexion. But that’s only if you’re lucky and don’t go through the “Nose Peel” stage. If you get married in the summer: protect yourself! Prevention is always better than cure. I’m a 50+ cream fan and it doesn’t stop me from tanning. It takes longer, but my skin is protected and I never get sunburned. If you haven’t managed to escape, I advise you to forget all the creams like biafine, after-sun etc… which will make your skin greasy and give you too much sebum.

Instead, use my latest discovery: Aloe Vera! The real grandmother’s remedy par excellence but terribly effective. Make sure you choose a tube with at least 95% pure Aloe Vera. Or better yet, break off a branch and spread it on your body and face. Entirely natural, this plant is known for its miracles related to skin problems. It regenerates and softens the skin instantly and brings a feeling of freshness which will relieve you. It also allows to accelerate very quickly the healing and to limit the secondary risks (skin which peels, marks on the skin…)

Avoid acne pimples and other small blackheads not invited to the wedding!

With the stress, you will certainly feel the ball in the belly and your body will also manifest it in a more visible way! It’s great to have pimples when you know you’re going to be the center of attention. Unfortunately there is not much you can do to prevent them from appearing, except for anti-stress herbal teas, but I’m not sure that is really effective. Anyway, I invite you to worry about it at least 1 week before the wedding. Between the last preparations, hair and makeup tests, take the time to do an efficient skin care. Preferably at a beautician’s, who will take care of blackheads and who will pamper your skin to have a uniform skin on the D-day.

Above all, do it at least 1 month before and at most 1 week before the wedding and not after. The skin is undergoing some aggression at the time to remove all these little parasites and you may have redness and small blisters for 3/4 days. If you have last minute breakouts, take some toothpaste on your finger and put it on your pimple without spreading it. The toothpaste will accelerate the drying of the pimple and prevent it from growing. On the other hand, leave the blackheads alone with the makeup and no one will notice anything.

Revive a tired or dull complexion

The complexion is clearly the most important part of your makeup and your skin in general! It’s not mascara or lipstick that will make you look good! In my article on the 6 must-have products for your wedding makeup, you will find products from the brand Nuskin to prepare your skin the weeks before the wedding. However, I have to add some little tips to make your complexion even more beautiful.

The first one is to clean your skin thoroughly every day to avoid polluting your skin. Take care to drink a lot of water, dehydration can make the skin less elastic. Then let yourself be tempted by a quick mask the day before your wedding. Not afterwards, there is a risk that your skin will react badly, so let it breathe the day before and on the big day. The mask will reveal your radiance, firm your skin and gently enhance it so that you look your best on the big day! Avoid clay masks that tend to dry out your skin and choose masks with intense hydration.

Say goodbye to dark circles!

Dark circles tend to make us look tired and bad. If you have them the day after your wedding night, it’s normal and not a big deal, but before, no thanks. Here again I tested everything! For my part, I have dark circles all the time: deep and with dark reflections that give me the impression of not having slept for 6 months. There is no secret to dark circles: sleep, drink water, avoid alcohol and cigarettes (oops, too bad for me). But of course, there are little tricks to prepare your skin before the wedding and avoid as much as possible our beloved bags under the eyes.

My little tip: cold on the eyes. It doesn’t matter if you choose cold green tea bags, spoonfuls in the freezer works pretty well. And it gives you a little boost! For my part I use the little eye pillows to leave in the fridge and take out when you need.

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