24 original marriage proposals

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Not sure how to propose to the man or woman in your life?

Here are some original ways to do it.

What’s important is the surprise effect…

For the holidays


Why not make a chocolate for Valentine’s Day or Easter, inside which you hide an engagement ring?

The Chinese auction

At Christmas, you can organize a Chinese auction by arranging for the proposal to be a really uninteresting gift that nobody wants. But your spouse will be the one to inherit it and when he or she opens it (like a Russian doll), he or she will discover a marriage proposal certificate or an engagement ring.

The gift

Do you remember that holiday game from the 1990’s that consisted of putting on oven mitts and taking turns developing a large gift, all taped up, to lively music until the lucky person finally managed to open it and discover the treasure? With the help of the other participants, the lucky person could be your lover and the gift could be a marriage proposal!

The false fear

The bailiff

It is possible to use a comedian for just about anything. Why not to simulate the presence of a bailiff?

Pretend that you have been late paying your taxes or a large amount of debt for a long time and have a fake bailiff come to your house and hand you (and your loved one) a letter that is at first depressing and heralds bad news. Then, slowly, this letter will take on a rather poetic look and will end with the actual marriage proposal. Of course, the spouse in question must have a sense of humour!

The fake parking ticket

If you’re afraid that the surprise is too great, you can always write a ticket on the bumper of his car. Frustration will be followed by surprise, then joy… We hope so!

In Public

Some people prefer to do things in a big way and especially in front of as many witnesses as possible. They have several choices:

The billboard

There is nothing too beautiful for your sweetheart! Rent, for a day or a few days, a billboard on which you will make the big request. In the regions or suburbs, you can also use an electronic billboard that may cost you less and be just as effective. Of course, make sure your groom will be passing by!

In the newspaper

Find a column that your love often reads in the newspaper and offer yourself an ad. The proposal will come as a shock!


If you know anything about how it works, you can propose on various public websites.

A restaurant with a big screen

Saturday nights are wild at restaurants with TVs that show sports games to the public. Why not ask the owner of the restaurant to insert a videotape that you have recorded and on which you ask for the hand of your loved one? If you want a successful effect, wait until the end of the period or round!

On video

If you’re a collector of video memories of you and your spouse, make a montage that looks back on their life, alone and then with you, up to that point. Add slow motion, touching music, and at the very end, propose. You can show this video at a family party or, if you prefer, in private.

On the radio

There are plenty of radio shows and hosts out there that are just waiting for a surprise. You can propose on the radio at a time you’re sure your lover will listen to while driving. But beware of accidents! Maybe you should wait for her/him to listen to it in the comfort of her/his home…

The plane

If you are planning a trip with her/him, ask the pilots or a flight attendant to announce your request over the microphone. You’ll see, it’ll be an applause among the audience! Of course, success depends on the goodwill of the staff, but there may be a way to arrange it beforehand.

In a public room

In a public lounge, or in any other place such as a shopping mall or a grocery store where you are with your significant other, you can ask the receptionist to propose over the microphone, for example: “Attention all our customers: Mrs. Veillette is asked to accept Mr. Robitaille’s proposal of marriage, please, Mrs. Veillette is asked to accept Mr. Robitaille’s proposal of marriage”.

The improv league

Go see an improv game with him (her) and arrange to have one of the improvisers propose on stage, in the middle of an improvisation. Both the comedians and the audience will appreciate this little “drop-off”.

In an arena

Why not make the request on the ice between two periods? Pretend to go get a beer and show up on the ice, either on skates, on your two legs or why not on the Zamboni? Arrange for the request to be broadcast on a giant screen… Everything is organized for such a great occasion!

More simply ….The lunch

Put a ring or a proposal letter in her lunch bag. The friends at work will be surprised!

The text message

Send a text message to her phone when she least expects it.


Record your request on a CD that you can put in the alarm clock-CD you gave her the day before (unless you already have one…). A rude awakening? Certainly original! You can also integrate it in the car CD. Your lover will discover the message while starting the car.

A chef

Treat yourself to an in-home chef who will come and prepare a sumptuous lover’s meal. And for dessert? How about a ring on caramel custard or crème brûlée?

The troubadours

Comedians, disguised as troubadours of the 12th century, can surprise your beloved in the evening at your home to sing “la cour à la fenêtre”.


Take your lover to retrace the steps of your love encounter, recreate the first moments, wear, if possible, the same clothes, drink or eat the same thing. Then, make the big request.

The treasure hunt

Have her do a treasure hunt. Invent five or six plots that will lead him (her) to a chest hidden in a restaurant or bistro. Inside, hide a map of the nearest airport and let him (her) drive you there as a co-pilot in your car. He (she) doesn’t know yet where it will take you. There, a pilot will be waiting to take you on board. You will fly over the city and on one of the buildings, you will have taken care to write, with large strips of white paper “Manon, will you marry me? “The rest is up to you two…

The fortune teller

You are in a restaurant. A fortune teller comes to your table and offers you her services. You accept, even if your spouse refuses at first. Then, you let the lady talk about all sorts of subjects and arrive at the vision of a forthcoming marriage… very forthcoming.

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