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14 ideas of wedding games for your party

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There’s nothing like a few fun animations to make your wedding party more fun. Here are 14 ideas of games to set up at your wedding party so that your guests will experience an unforgettable party.

You have finally chosen your wedding theme and your wedding dress, but you still have to prepare the course of the festivities. The organization of all the steps that make up your happy day may not seem obvious. As for the most playful moments of your big day, you will find here a selection of different games that will allow your guests to get to know each other while having fun. Because, no, throwing the bridal bouquet can’t be the only entertainment on your big day!

The twelve months game

The 12 months game is a wedding animation similar to the musical chairs game. 13 guests will have to bring an object found in the room before sitting down again (a tie, a balloon, etc.). Whoever is left without an available chair will be eliminated and will receive a token, and so on until only one is left who will be rewarded. The pledges will be spread over the twelve months of the year, for example: offer a “galette des rois” to the bride and groom in January, invite the couple to the beach in August, etc.

The musical chair

To play this game, you will only need as many chairs as the participants, minus one. Your DJ will start playing a rhythmic song and your guests will move between the chairs until the music stops. At that point, they will all have to sit down quickly on a chair. Whoever is left without a chair will be eliminated, and so on. A common wedding entertainment idea but always a big hit.


The participants are asked to demonstrate their musical talents by singing the chorus of well-known music. To get as many people as possible to participate, don’t hesitate to encourage them to sing first all together, then to organize two rival groups, men against women for example.

The Cinderella Game

Organizing the Cinderella game right after an original wedding ball opening will allow your guests to break the ice. While the women place their shoes in the middle of the dance floor, the men turn their backs and choose a pair. Grouped together randomly, the couples formed must dance together for a while.

Famous Couples Game

Each guest is given the name of a celebrity couple so that they can find their soul mate among the wedding guests. Ideal to start a conversation with strangers.

The dance contest game

As the name suggests, this is a dance contest between several couples on different styles of music. There are tests and constraints, such as exchanging shoes. The couples will be successively eliminated by a jury, and the last one will win a prize: why not original wedding favors?

The game of knowledge between grooms and guests

In this game, groups of guests are called to stand up and the bride and groom must recognize the common points that unite them; these will be known by the guests, but not by the bride and groom, who will have to rack their brains to find them, sometimes providing completely crazy answers. Laughter and original wedding photos guaranteed!

The She and He Game

This game is a great classic! Placed back to back in the middle of the room, the bride and groom with signs “him”, “her”, “me” answer the questions asked by their respective guests. The goal is to find out if the spouses know each other well.

The adjective game

As in the previous game, the bride and groom are seated back to back and are given 10 signs bearing 10 positive adjectives (e.g., great, splendid, wonderful) and 10 negative adjectives (e.g., bad, lousy, ugly) with which they answer the 10 questions asked by the facilitator. These questions can be about the intimacy of the couple, their meeting, their original marriage proposal or their future (e.g. how many children do you want to have?).

The sugar game

More than a game, it’s a collection of memories: each of your guests must write a sweet note on a sheet of paper prepared for the occasion, then wrap a sugar in it. You’ll discover their sweet messages as you eat them in the months following your wedding.

The Garter Game

The bride’s garter is auctioned off: the men pay for the bride to pull up her dress while the women pay for her to take it down. After 10 minutes, the man who has paid the most will have the right to remove the bride’s garter with or without teeth!

The bride and groom quiz

A quiz is prepared with questions about the bride and groom and each table of guests must answer to win a gift.

The Alphabet Game

This game requires only an alphabet written on a sheet of paper and a little imagination on the part of your guests, who must find an adjective for each letter of the alphabet to describe the bride and groom.

The Calf Game

The bride and/or several of her guests must identify their partner’s calf by feeling the participants’ calves blindfolded. This can be an alternative to the garter game. If you have set up an outdoor wedding decoration, organize this activity outdoors to take advantage of a larger space.

More than just games, these activities will brighten up your meal. For a successful original wedding and delighted guests it will not take much more. Performed before your wedding speech, these proposed games will relax the atmosphere even for the most shy of your guests.

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