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10 secrets for a successful wedding decoration!

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You have started the preparations of your wedding and it is time to talk about flowers ! Planning a floral decoration for your wedding is almost systematic. The future bride and groom and certainly you, if you are reading this article do not consider it otherwise. The style of flowers varies from one wedding to another: between fresh flowers, dried flowers or simply foliage. It’s up to you to decide what you like best. The bouquets of flowers and other floral arrangements will be an integral part of your wedding decoration. And they will sublimate the harmony and the general atmosphere of your ceremony or your reception. In order to help you in this step of the preparations I give you the 10 secrets to succeed in the floral decoration of your wedding.

Get inspired and collect your ideas!

This is certainly the easiest and most fun step! I invite you to get inspired and imagine the floral decoration of your wedding. Go looking for inspiration accounts on Instagram, I’ll give you one I particularly like: @ditesoui_design. You can also compare and collect your ideas by creating a Pinterest account if you haven’t already. I remind you that it is a tool to have absolutely during the preparations of his wedding and not only for the floral decoration. This way you can pin the ideas you like and find them easily to show to your florist for example.

Anticipate your floral decoration

This point is essential but too often neglected by the future bride and groom. Indeed, it is important to plan compositions and other flower bouquets at least 6 months before the wedding. First of all to make sure that a florist is available. Especially if you get married in summer because it is the peak season for weddings and florists will certainly have a full agenda. And then, we are not safe from a change of ideas during the preparations. Moreover, at this stage of the preparations you will undoubtedly have already chosen your theme and style of your wedding. If this is not the case, I invite you to take a look at the article: Create a mood board for your wedding to gather ideas and inspirations.

Choosing your florist

This part completes the previous one and it is essential. You will have to choose a florist whose universe you like and the products he or she usually offers. No one wants to go into a flower store with austere arrangements that give you the impression of being at a funeral home. In the world of wedding planners, there is a lot of talk about “feeling” with service providers, but it is just as important if you are organizing your wedding yourself. Surround yourself with reliable people, who will make your wedding day an unforgettable one. A good service provider is the one who will propose you ideas without imposing them (with a correct price I grant you). So, before you decide, I invite you to meet 2 or 3 different florists. You will be able to judge by yourself the quality of these professionals, the rates they offer and especially the feeling you have with them!

Evaluate your flower needs

It is essential to decide on what you are going to flower or not. It sounds strange, but it’s true. To better explain concretely it is to think where you will arrange your floral decoration? I distinguish 3 categories which are flexible according to the weddings and which are not exhaustive of course:

The essentials: Bridal bouquet, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces,
The essentials : Flowers on the car, small compositions for the wine of honor, decoration of the civil, religious and secular ceremony.
Dependencies: This category represents the floral decoration that will depend on your style of wedding for example an arch of flowers for the secular ceremony or flowers and foliage to install on the stage of the reception hall if there is one etc..

Plan a floral budget

Well, we always come back to the subject of the budget but it is true that it is important to remember: trust your wedding budget. It will of course depend on your need for flowers as I said earlier.

Choose bouquets according to seasonality

First of all, from an ecological point of view it is better but also economically. Choosing seasonal flowers will significantly reduce your budget! Choose peonies in spring and forget hydrangeas in January. In general, your florist will indicate the flowers available for the period of your wedding once you have given him the date.

Learn the language of flowers

I really like this part because it brings a real symbolism to your wedding. Just like stones, trees or colors, flowers also have their own language. I invite you to explore the meanings on the Inter flora website to learn a little more. You may already know that the red rose symbolizes passion and even eroticism while the pink rose invites tenderness and seduction. The carnations represent sincerity and duration.

Be consistent with the general atmosphere of the wedding

Even if it seems logical, the coherence between your floral arrangements and the theme of the wedding must be respected. First of all a harmony in the colors notably for your bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets and your partner’s buttonholes. But also with the other elements of decoration of your place of reception or ceremony. The goal is to create a harmony and a unique atmosphere for your wedding.

Go easy on the “Do It Yourself” approach

I say softly because I talk to a lot of future brides and grooms who have embarked on the complete organization of their wedding. I think it’s a great idea, honestly. Only in wanting to do everything themselves, they didn’t realize how much work it was. So unless you’re a florist in real life or you have time on your hands, don’t take on such a big challenge. You may be disappointed and demotivated in your preparations.

Give priority to the quality of your floral arrangements rather than the quantity

Never forget the saying “Less is more”, which means in context: Simplicity is better than complexity. And that’s exactly right. It’s better to have beautiful flower arrangements in one place than to sprinkle small bouquets everywhere that will barely be seen, especially if you’re on a tighter budget.

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