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Do you want a little originality for your wedding? It also goes through the food and especially the wine of honor. Forget about the traditional canapés and petits fours and try the culinary animations and salty theme bar for your wedding!

For a few years now, it is really a trend and the bride and groom choose to propose 1 to 3 salty culinary animations for their wedding during the wine ceremony or cocktail party. Do not hesitate to ask your caterer to set up these culinary animations, more and more caterers offer this service. Moreover all these culinary animations do not require a staff member, they allow guests to do a little self-service!

Here are the 10 trends of culinary animations and theme bar for your wedding in 2020:

Oyster Bar

This is the trend of the moment! Especially if you are planning a summer wedding, or if you are organizing your wedding near the coast, don’t miss the Oyster Bar. Refreshing and easy to eat, your guests will love it! Everyone serves themselves in self-service as the oysters are opened a few minutes before!

The plus : Turn the Oyster Bar into a Seafood Bar ! For shellfish lovers: add shrimps or whelks and your table looks like a real fishmonger’s bench and it’s quite spectacular for a wedding.

Foie Gras animation

For the more chauvinistic, it is understandable that the Foie Gras workshop can be a must. After all, it is a festive product and a wedding is not the best occasion to celebrate it?

The plus : Try the Foie Gras skewers or Foie Gras lollipops version to make it easier to eat and to combine it with other flavors (fruits, gingerbread…)

Stand of Ham by the slice

We all agree that an aperitif or cocktail without cold cuts is frustrating! I’m kidding of course, we also have vegetarian or vegan guests and we have to take care of them!

The plus : Decline it into a Charcuterie Bar if you ever have any kind of ham lovers !

Soup bar

Ultra-trendy, the soup bar in the form of small glasses makes everyone happy. Pea soup, zucchini soup or tomato gazpacho: soups give a touch of color to the buffet or cocktail party!

The plus : Hot soups in winter and cold velouté in summer.

Sushi & Raw Fish Stand

Here is my favorite! And I’m not just saying that because I love Japanese food in general! Fresh, pretty and well presented, this is a great idea for your wedding. And clearly, it will surprise your guests.

The plus : Decline it in tartar, in mini bowl or even cut up salmon or fish from your region

Burgers Bar

Already a trend for several years, the burger bar is always a hit at weddings. Beef, chicken, duck or even foie gras, you are spoilt for choice. Accompany it with a bar of fries and it’s great!

The plus : Decline the version Hot-dog, mini-sandwiches, croque-monsieur, tacos

Cheese bar

Personally, I could eat nothing but cheese for an entire meal! You can imagine an original layout and accompany it with a bread stand where each guest will choose their bread and cheese. A real tasting finally ??

The plus : Propose it at the wine ceremony and/or before the dessert it works every time!

Plancha stand

The plancha is ideal for a wine of honor in outside. Check with the venue if they agree to use a plancha outside because it is not always the case. The plancha is great for cooking meats, fish, shellfish or vegetables at the minute.

The plus : Vary by proposing to compose skewers!

Vegetable Bar

Vegetarian friends, vegans, those who want to watch their figure or simply who like vegetables, this stand is made for you!

The plus : Vary the pleasures by proposing a selection of different vegetables with several small sauces

Taco Bar

Very trendy, a member of the catering team prepares it under your eyes! We love the idea and our mouths are already watering.

The plus : Prepare several ingredients and let your guests personalize them

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