What Makes A Man Want To Marry A Woman – The Truth

There are many different reasons why men fall in love with women, but only a few of those reasons will go on to prompt them into that territory where they’ll want to go as far as popping the big question! So what do men want in a woman?

What does a woman need to do to get a man to propose

What does he want from you to get to this?

Marriage nowadays tends to have become somehow overrated, mostly for men, who are more and more independent and reluctant of the idea of companionship with one woman for the rest of their lives – at least, until later on into their later years. Nevertheless, as we have mentioned before, there is a threefold way to gently push (or cajole) a man into marrying you, but it is not an easy one.

Give Him the Space He Needs!

Men are not massively complicated beings. In fact, they are quite simple when it comes to their needs, and one of their strongest needs is that for freedom. As long as you understand that your man needs space to do the things he loves doing, the things he got used to doing before he met you and the things that make him happy (aside from being with you!), then you’ll have a real chance to persuade him to want to spend the rest of his life by your side.

I know it’s not going to be easy to go along with this, as most of the time, your fella’s wants and needs may appear stupid or meaningless, but you have to accept the fact that having fun for him is different than having fun for you. He’ll want to have his cake – and eat it, in other words he’ll want to share his life with you with the life that he has learnt to love before you were even on the scene. And, in a way, you’ll need to let him do that – to a degree. If he feels that he’s being cut off from the perceived happy, boisterous times-of-old and doing the fun old stuff he used to enjoy with the boys – you can pretty much forget that wedding ring or any kind of commitment!

Make Him Feel Strong and in Control

Men also need to feel like men most of the time. They need to feel that they excel at everything and it is important for them to feel appreciated and admired. Out of this need, men become competitive in sports or other hobbies they are attracted to, at their jobs and even in their relationships – it’s all part of the testosterone drive.

If you see him focused on achieving something, support him. Make him feel that he has what it takes to get there and help him get there if you can, instead of nagging him that he is neglecting you and that he doesn’t give you enough time. All this is within reason, of course, you’ll soon end up disowning him if he’s not prepared to give plenty back your way. Just don’t let your love for him hold him back from his ambitions.

You have to understand that winning, achieving goals and ambition are instinctively driven and bestow on him the alpha male factor – and that’s probably subconsciously aimed towards attracting you even further (even if it doesn’t always seem like it at the time.) The better he feels about himself, the better he will communicate with you and the stronger he will get involved in your relationship.

Making him feel understood, making him feel he can do everything he puts his mind to, showing him that you have confidence in him are things that will make him want to have you around for as long as possible.

Don’t Make Him Emotionally Uncomfortable

Then, you have to be extra careful with his emotions. Engaging in emotional workouts too often will make your man feel uncomfortable. They are not used to opening up and speaking their minds and that is maybe one of the hardest things to accept for a woman, because we all want proof of affection and to be showered with words of love. Some of us are not as gushy about it as others, but you know what I mean.

What you must realize is that they feel emasculated if they show their deep and true emotions. They were educated this way, but that doesn’t mean that they are some cold-hearted being. The less emotional you are around them, the more relaxed they are and this is one more crucial step forward in making him get down on the proverbial knee. He probably already has a mother for whom he has to show an embarrassing amount of public affection. He doesn’t need another one. From time to time, of course, you’d expect as much, but the real intimacy and emotional side of him will come out in privacy, given time.

Three Simple Things That Men Want In A Woman

Summarizing, some of the crucial things that make a man want to marry a woman, and that many women don’t quite get because they are too busy trying to keep as tight a squeeze on their boyfriend as possible, are a woman that understands his needs, respects his space and cherishes his male pride. You have to give him the chance to retain some of what made him HIM when you first met. After all, that’s what attracted you to him in the first place, right? Why throw all that away now?

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