Signs He Is Losing Interest – and What You Can Do about It

If you suspect that your boyfriend may be losing interest in you and you are worried about your relationship ending, you may have a good reason to be concerned. Many times, that little voice in your head that tells you something is wrong is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Instead of just relying on intuition however, there are some specific signs that you can look for and that is what we are going to cover on this page. We tell you what to look for, some signs he is losing interest, and more importantly, we will tell you what you can do about it to possibly save your relationship.

If he suddenly changes his behavior toward you or changes the way he treats you, that can be a sign that he is losing interest. Some things to look out for would be if he is suddenly more critical of you. When you first started dating, he may have been a very sweet and caring person, but if he suddenly starts nitpicking your appearance, personality traits, or habits, it may be a sign that he is losing interest. If a man is losing interest he may also become much more inconsiderate. If he doesn’t seem to care about your feelings and can’t be bothered to listen to you when you have a problem, that can be assigned that there is trouble in your relationship.

Another sign that he is losing interest in you would be if he starts flirting with other women. If your boyfriend has always been flirtatious with everyone and nothing has changed, maybe there’s nothing to worry about. However, if he only had eyes for you and he suddenly starts noticing and flirting with other women, that is a problem.

Sometimes, you may not notice signs that your boyfriend is losing interest in you, but other people will. Maybe your friends are asking you “what’s going on?” You may feel like there is nothing wrong with your relationship, but your friends may be able to sense a problem when you are not able to.

A lot of times, when a man starts to lose interest in a woman he will start to pick fights with her for no reason. If he can find a way to start a fight over some silly, insignificant matter, that may be a sign that the relationship is in trouble. He may just be looking for a way to cause trouble so that he will have an excuse for breaking up with you.

Sometimes men will start to pull away from a relationship. He may call or text you less often than he used to. You may be going on fewer dates than you used to. He may have to spend more time at the office, or he may prefer to spend more time with his friends and spend less time with you.

So far, all of these signs he is losing interest have one thing in common, changes in his behavior. If you are noticing changes in his behavior that seem out of character, that is definitely a sign that something is wrong. But what can you do about it? What can you do if your boyfriend is losing interest?

In some instances, it is best to simply end the relationship and go your separate ways. If he is flirting with other women, becoming secretive, mistreating you etc. you may be better off finding a new man who will treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve. However, if he seems to be pulling away from the relationship it’s not necessarily because he is losing interest in you or doesn’t have feelings for you. Sometimes, men just need a little bit of space. If your man seems to be pulling away from the relationship, don’t chase after him and call him all the time, or pressure him to spend more time with you. Give him the time and space he needs and many times, it won’t be long before he is pursuing you once again.

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