My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Get Married

It is a fact that, when it comes to marriage, women know every detail of what their wedding will look like, as they have been fantasizing about it ever since they were little girls. Whereas, for men, marriage is something that simply scares them.

We live in strange times, when marriage tends to become more and more elusive. You hear about people breaking up every day and you may think twice before deciding to get married. That goes especially so for men.

Finding Out Why My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Get Married

If you have been waiting for your boyfriend to ask you to marry him and he has just told you that marriage is not in his plans, don’t panic! It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you; it only means that he is afraid, afraid of commitment. All you need to do is to give him some time, show him the understanding that he needs and let him feel the need to make you happy with the magical question.

You have to understand that there are several reasons why commitment is so scary for men. Sharing his life with you means less space for him. And by space I mean both physical and psychological space. Let’s talk about the physical space.

Men are known to be very protective with their territory, so, if you move in with your boyfriend, he will feel really strange about the changes you will certainly want to make in his apartment and the apartment will feel less like his old pad that he felt at home in.

Men are uncomfortable with changes. If someone takes them out of the routine they have been feeling fine with, they feel their freedom threatened and this is the first thing that makes them step back and not want to go there.

Then, there is the psychological space. Men will always find fun in activities that might seem childish to you, but that make him happy, so let him do the things he loves doing. Show him that you understand his need of space and that you need your space too, and do not nag him every time he goes out with his buddies and comes home late.

If you succeed in making this happen, he might reconsider his selfish plans of never getting married, because he will see in you a source of comfort and joy, rather than a threat to his hobbies and life as he knew it before you.

And last but not least, men hate pressure. So, it is highly important that you do not stress him with questions, ask him for explanations or talk about an issue over and over again. Not only will he not open up, because getting emotional is emasculating for men, but you will make things worse, because he will take this step as something he is expected to do and not something associated with his desires.

So, there is one thing left to do. Be patient, show him the understanding he needs to see and make him feel relaxed around you, make him look forward to seeing you. Make him feel a man and he will change his mind soon!

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