I Want to Get Married but He’s Not Interested

All women feel that it’s time to make the next step and take the relationship to a different level at a certain point. But, often, they discover that this is not exactly what their partners have in mind.

Relationships seem to be harder and harder to maintain these days and marriage scares more and more men off. Commitment is not something they are looking forward to, especially if you overwhelm them with pressure.

It is well known that women need more affection than men do, and also that they need to feel protected. All these emotions, added to their fantasies of being the perfect bride, next to the perfect groom, dancing in the perfect ballroom and wearing the perfect dress, makes women really emotional when it comes to marriage.

The prospect of having children and spending the rest of their lives besides a man they can trust and be proud of is something that comes naturally, when the relationship is going well.

Why Is He Not Interested In Getting Married?

Things are unfortunately different for men. And not because their feelings are not the same, but because society has led them to believe that marriage will be the end of a man’s freedom, that is of a happy and stress-free life, and the beginning of a life where there will no longer be an “I”, but only an “US”.

Well, this is where you need to start. Show him that being with you doesn’t mean that he has to give up his hobbies or habits, such as hanging out with his friends, playing football or his favorite computer games.

Give him the space he needs, do not overwhelm him with you and your needs, let him feel that you are not a threat to his freedom and to his life as he knew it. Of course, he will also need to understand that a successful relationship is about finding a balance between his time and your time as a couple.

But, if he sees that you respect your time for yourself and the things you want to do and at the same time you respect his need of spending his own quality time, he will feel more comfortable and relaxed. And that is certainly likely to make him consider marriage not so bad after all.

Nagging is what men hate the most. Then, they hate pressure and they hate too much emotional display. As long as you understand these basic concepts and accept them for what they are, things will be easier for you too and you might be closer than you think to being proposed.

Remember that your partner has to see you as a loving life partner, not as someone who is constantly nagging him about the things he does wrong and doesn’t do at all. He needs to feel appreciated just as much as you do and he needs to feel a man, so, do not underestimate his manliness and do not try to change his ways.

Do not pressure him with questions and do not overwhelm him with too much affection, give him time and let him feel ready for such an important step. All you need to do is to show him that you are worth every little sacrifice and you can make him happy.


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