How To Get Him To Propose – Subtle Suggestions

If you have been in a relationship with a man for a long time and everything is going great, how come he hasn’t proposed marriage yet? When things are going great, sometimes it’s easy to get comfortable and just keep things the way they are. Maybe he takes you for granted and feels like you will always be his girlfriend. If you want to take your relationship to the next level then read the following hints on how to persuade him to propose marriage.

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Talk About Marriage

A good primer for gauging his feeling on the subject is to simply talk about marriage. You can be subtle of course, maybe mention another couple you know that recently got married or talk about what a great marriage your parents have. You could also have a casual chat about your future with each other. You may not want to come on too strong but you could talk about what it would be like if you decided to tie the knot, buy a house together, raise a family etc.

Does He Want To Get Married At All?

If you start talking about a future together, watch him and see if he reacts in a strange way. Does he look like he wants to get involved in the conversation or does he appear like he’d rather change the subject sharpish? Hopefully, the man you have been dating all this time really does intend to get married at some point. These are the types of things you should cover early on in the relationship but if you are dating a man who has no intention of ever getting married or having children, getting your boyfriend to propose might be difficult. If you are dating a man who has expressed an interest in getting married someday, starting to bring up the subject and talk about it should be enough to get him thinking about it. If you have been dating for a long time, if he is in love with you, and if you get him thinking about marriage, he will propose at some point.

Discover 10 Secrets To Getting Your Man To Propose That 95 Percent Of Women Don’t Know About

Don’t Nag Him For A Proposal!

One thing that you should avoid doing is talking about marriage too often. You don’t want to seem like you are nagging him about getting married because doing this will make you seem needy and desperate. You can bring up the subject, but don’t overdo it.

Show Him What He’d Be Missing If He Doesn’t Propose

Another way to get him to propose marriage would be to show him what a wonderful wife you would be. The way to do that is to be a wonderful girlfriend. Be caring and thoughtful, be kind, be sincere. At the same time, you also have to let him know that you have a life of your own. If you are always around whenever he wants you to be and you are waiting on him hand and foot he will certainly take you for granted. You should have your own hobbies, go out with your friends, pursue your own interests, and accept the fact that it’s okay to spend some time apart. Spending some time apart is good for a relationship, after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Discover 10 Secrets To Getting Your Man To Propose That 95 Percent Of Women Don’t Know About

Make Him Feel Good

Something else you can do that will increase your odds of getting him to take the next step in your relationship is to simply make him feel good about himself. Men can be relatively emotionally simple or blase about getting hitched but if he feels good about himself when he is around you, he will love you for it. If you massage his ego and show him that you love, respect, and appreciate him, he will love you.

Men Fear Marriage – Dispel Those Fears!

One of the reasons why a lot of men seem to wait so long to propose marriage is because of fear. A lot of men are afraid that after getting married their lives will change and they will not be the same man they are today. A man doesn’t want to lose his identity or his sense of self and he doesn’t want to lose his freedom. One way for you to reassure him that these things won’t happen is to encourage him to pursue his own interests and hobbies. Encourage him to spend time with his friends and allow him to do the things he currently enjoys doing. If he believes that his life will not end as a married man but will only change for the better, his fear of commitment will diminish.

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