How to Get a Man to Marry You

If you have been dating a man for a long period of time and the two of you are in love with each other, you may be wondering why he hasn’t proposed yet. If you find yourself in that situation you may even be searching for information on how to get a man to marry you. If you want to get married, you could always propose to him, but if you would like to be more traditional and wait for him to propose to you, there are some strategies to help move things along. There are also some mistakes that you should avoid if you are trying to get your boyfriend to propose and on this page we are going to cover both, mistakes you should avoid as well as strategies to help him decide that he is ready to propose.

Never Issue an Ultimatum

If you have been dating the same man for two or three years and he still hasn’t proposed yet, you may be tempted to give him an ultimatum. You may be tempted to tell him that he needs to take the relationship to the next level or it’s over. This is a big mistake because more often than not, issuing an ultimatum will result in the end of the relationship. Nobody likes to feel like they are being forced into something and most people react to an ultimatum with anger and resentment.

Be a Strong, Independent Woman

Believe it or not, most men are very attracted to strong, independent women. Some men might be intimidated by a woman who is more successful than he is, but this is probably not the type of guy you would want to be with anyway. A lot of men are very attracted to women that are intelligent, independent, women that have goals and are not afraid to go after them. If those are traits that you possess, be proud of that and don’t downplay it. Don’t pretend to be less intelligent and don’t put off trying to achieve your goals because you are worried about your man’s inferiority complex. Go after what you want in life and the man you are with will either respect you for it or you will attract a new man who will.

Get along with His Friends and Family

If your boyfriend’s family and friends like you, it will be easier for him to see a future with you and possibly even propose marriage. If his friends and family like you well enough and you have been dating for a long time, they may even start pressuring him about when he is going to pop the question. If you put pressure on him to propose, he is not going to like it. However, if his friends and family are the ones asking him “when are you going to get married” he will be forced to think about it but he won’t have any negative feelings toward you because of it.

Be His Confidant

If you and your boyfriend trust each other implicitly, if you can talk to each other about anything, and if you truly respect and believe in each other, it is only a matter of time before he will be willing to take the next step in your relationship. If you love, accept, and appreciate him for who he is, he will love you for it. If you have a problem with some of his habits, what he does for a living, or some other aspect of his life, you may not be with the right guy. If you can support him completely, then you are with the right guy and he will love and appreciate you for the support you give him.

Have Your Own Life and Give Him the Space He Needs to Fall in Love with You

One reason why a lot of guys put off proposing marriage is because they are afraid of commitment. One of the biggest reasons that men are afraid of commitment is because they are afraid of losing their freedom. If your boyfriend has certain hobbies that you do not participate in or if he likes to hang out with his friends, he may be afraid that he won’t be able to do those things when he gets married. One thing you can do to remove his fear that he will lose these things, is to encourage him to do the things that he likes to do. Let him know that it is okay for him to hang out with his friends, let him know that you want him to pursue his own hobbies and interests. This will convince him that he will not lose his freedom and it will make it easier for him to decide that he is ready to propose.

When he goes out with his friends or pursues his own hobbies or interests, you should do the same. You should not be sitting by the phone, waiting for his phone call. You should be out living your life and enjoying yourself. Not only will both of you be happier if you are able to pursue your own interests, but spending a little bit of time apart will make the time that you shared together even more special.

If you go out with your friends and you have your own hobbies, your boyfriend might get an idea of what it’s like when you are not around and he probably won’t like it. If he loves you, he will want to be with you and he will miss you when you’re not around. Sometimes that is exactly what it takes to get a man to decide that it is time to take a relationship to the next level. Of course the two of you should have activities that you enjoy doing together, but by spending some time apart and pursuing your own interests you will both be happier and he may decide that proposing marriage would be the best way to make sure you are there for him when he needs you.

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