Here’s How To Get Your Man Fast

Can Somebody Please Tell Me How to Get Your Man?

There are a number of scenarios where women fall for a man but somehow can’t make that breakthrough that they desire most. It may be that the relationship is destined to remain just a friendship. So here are a few ideas on how you can get your man fast. If these fail you may have to face facts and move on…

How to you get him from friend to boyfriend?

Here’s How To Get The Man You Want
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Something that happens all the time between men and women is that a friendship develops but then one person wants to be more than just friends. Maybe you grew up together and the guy thinks of you as a sister, or maybe you met this guy when he had a serious relationship and now that they broke up you would like to take your relationship to the next level. There are a million ways that people end up in the friend zone but a lot of people don’t know what to do to get out of it. If a woman comes to me and says, “tell me how to get him to be my man” here are some of the things I would tell her.

Flirt with Him

You don’t have to be incredibly obvious and throw yourself at someone but if you flirt with one of your guy friends a little bit you can see how he responds to it. There is a chance that he has feelings for you as well but neither one of you wants to risk damaging the friendship. The dilemma is that you want to be more than friends but if you come on too strong, things will get weird and your friendship may never be the same.

If you flirt with him a little bit you may be able to figure out if he has the same feelings for you. Even if he doesn’t have the same feelings for you yet, flirting with him and showing him that you are interested may get him to change his mind about you and he may start to think of you as more than just a friend.

Start Getting Touchy-Feely

This is similar to flirting but not quite as subtle. I’m not telling you to throw yourself at him or try to plant a kiss on him. By getting touchy-feely I mean making physical contact when you are having a conversation. If you are sitting across from him at a restaurant or coffee shop you can reach over and touch his hand or touch him on the knee when you are talking. Just a little bit of physical contact might be enough to turn him on and that will help you break out of the friend zone. If he is turned on by you he may want to be more than just friends.

Watch and Listen for Clues about His Feelings

As I mentioned earlier there is a chance that he feels the same way as you do but he is also afraid to do anything about it. If your guy friend has feelings for you but he doesn’t want to come right out and say it, he might be leaving some clues with some of the other things that he says. For example, if he compares other women to you and puts you in a more favorable light, he may be interested in you. For example, if he says something like “you are much cuter than she is”, he may be trying to tell you something.

Pay attention to the way he looks at you. The eyes are the windows to the soul and you can learn a lot just by paying attention to body language. Are his actions telling you that he might be interested in a relationship?

Tell Him How You Feel

Telling him that you want more than just a friendship is definitely the most direct approach. It is a big risk because it may damage the friendship but it also has a large upside. He might feel the same way about you and then you can pursue a relationship and make him your boyfriend. Telling him how you feel is not easy to do because you might fear being rejected but nothing worthwhile comes easy.

This is one of those risk versus reward situations and you have to decide if you would rather risk losing the friendship for the chance at a romantic relationship or if you are alright with remaining friends but living with questions and regrets.

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