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How To Make Him Pop The Question

You have started to lose your patience and he seems to ignore the things bothering you and the fact that you have been in this relationship for quite some time and you should take the next important step: getting married.
Is there any way you can make things happen faster? Is there any way you can make him pop the question? Well, there are several things that you may consider doing.

get him to propose


First of all, let him know what you think, but do not do it directly. Serious conversations scare men off, so, it is more advisable to bring the topic into a normal conversation. Give it a humorous tone and see what his reaction is. He may have literally not given the idea any thought or he may even believe that you are not ready to take this step.
Secondly, as men love their freedom, show him that you understand that and do not become clingy just because you need affection. Let him do things his way, let him enjoy his private space and do the things he wants to do for himself. It is actually what you should do, too.

Marriage should not go only around you as a couple, it should mean respecting your own personalities and needs, and, if you show him that you understand that, he will definitely appreciate it and start taking the relationship more seriously.

Talk about his fears, because there may be several reasons why he hasn’t popped the question so far, and the most common is fear. The fear of getting a “No” to his proposal, the fear that things might turn out bad, just as he has seen in his group of friends or family, the fear that you might break his heart and he will relive a past disappointment.
These are serious things that you should try to make him let out, by guiding a normal discussion in that direction. Be careful, though, not to insist or become judgmental, as it will not make him feel good about himself.

Make sure you let him know how much you appreciate him and how much you admire him. Men need that just as much as women do, the difference being that they do not make a big deal out of it.

Nevertheless, they need to feel real men and, as long as they associate you to a source of comfort and self-confidence, you will be closer and closer to his asking you to marry him.

Understand that, as long as he chose you, it means that he has already seen a potential life partner in you. If he had seen the same in any other past girlfriend, he would probably not be with you now.

It is only natural to compare, and men do it too, although they do not admit it. And that is not such a bad thing after all, because comparing is not always about the people involved, it is more about the things they offer you.
As long as you take care of his needs and you make him feel good in his skin, he will want to be around you and he will be willing to get over his fears in order to make you happy.