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How Do I Get Him To Want Me – Ideas!

How Do I Get Him to Want Me? What Do I Need To Do? 


If you’re a woman that has her eye on a particular man, you may have asked yourself the question, how do I get him to want me? What are men truly attracted to? Even if you are already in a relationship with a man, you may have asked yourself some of those same questions. There are a lot of misconceptions, and conventional wisdom is not always accurate. On this page I’m going to reveal some of the things that men are looking for and some things that you can do to make him want you.

It’s Not All about Looks

One common misconception is that men only care about looks. While physical attraction is important, it is far from the only thing that men are interested in and physical attraction becomes even less of a concern when a man gets to know a woman and becomes interested in her as a person. There has to be some level of physical attraction of course, but there are many other things that men are attracted to.

Finding a Proper Balance

Sometimes getting a man to want you is a bit of a balancing act. Men are attracted to strong, independent women, but they also like to feel as if they are important and needed. It’s important to find the balance between being independent and allowing a man to do something nice or helpful for you.

A man doesn’t want to feel like a woman is chasing after him out of desperation or because she needs someone to take care of her but at the same time, a man does like to be allowed to take care of his woman once in a while. Find the balance and he will be more attracted to you.

Time Together and Time Apart Are Both Important

Another way to get a man to want you is to form a bond with him by sharing certain activities. If there is something that the two of you like to do together, it will create a stronger feeling of attraction and help to strengthen a relationship. A shared activity might be something like hiking, bicycling, or working out. Or it might be something like watching sports together or sharing a particular hobby. The bottom line is that if there is something that the two of you enjoy doing together, doing that activity will strengthen the bond between you.

Although shared activities are great, it is also important to realize and accept the fact that men do need time for themselves. If your man has certain activities or hobbies that he enjoys to do alone or with some of his guy friends, encourage him to pursue those activities rather than making him feel guilty for not spending time with you. Let him play with the boys and he will appreciate you for it. And remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Don’t Play Games

One thing you will want to avoid if you want your man to want you is playing games. If a man is interested in you he wants to know that you like him and he doesn’t want to be constantly guessing. Try not to send mixed signals. Don’t make him feel that you are totally into him one day and completely disinterested the next day. Mixed signals and playing mind games is one way to make a man run in the opposite direction.

How to Make Him Want You

A final tip that can help any woman make a man feel more attracted to her is to massage his ego. If a man feels good about himself when he is with you, he will want to be with you a lot more. Give him compliments and let him know that you appreciate it when he does things for you. You don’t want to go overboard with this of course or it will feel fake or make you seem desperate or needy. However, if you can make him feel good about himself when he is with you, he will be incredibly attracted to you.

How To Get My Man To Want To Marry Me

What Can I Do To Get My Man To Want To Marry Me?

Throughout history, from the age of six or seven years old, every girl begins to fantasize about her wedding, her beautiful, long and white dress, and, of course, about the man of her dreams; he must look like Prince Charming, he must be dashing and loving and be somebody with whom she can live happily ever after.

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This is the fairy tale version, of course, but in many of these cases, the girl manages to encounter the man of her dreams in real life as well. He is handsome, loving, protecting. Perhaps he has a good job and a nice apartment, to add some earthly aspects to our story.

And yet, something is often missing from this storybook scenario – the ring on her finger. The proposal. The actual wedding day. The marriage. Does this story seem familiar? Does your boyfriend fit the pattern? Don’t worry, he is just a part of the 99% of men who are afraid of commitments and find the “m” word hard to spell, difficult to hear and impossible to consider.

Pressuring him won’t do any good either because, no matter how much in love with you he is, the imagined chains and being under-the-thumb will always be there in the back of his mind. Some men are like this naturally. It’s not something you’re doing wrong and you’re not alone with this problem. So how to fix it?

Discover 10 Secrets To Getting Your Man To Propose That 95 Percent Of Women Don’t Know About

You know how dog trainers teach puppies to stay in their crate by filling it with treats and toys and leaving the doors open so that the puppies feel that they are free to come in and out anytime they wish? This is exactly what you should do. Give him a taste of what being married to you might feel like, but don’t ask for the ring. Let him see what he could enjoy every evening and then go home.

Give him freedom, but ensure that when he feels that it’s time to give away a portion of that freedom that he will give it up by his own command. If he does not feel pressured, if he feels that you treasure your own freedom and you are not so ready to commit yourself, he might feel more inclined to take hold of the situation himself – in a way, you can subtly lead him to wanting to propose because he’ll want more of you than you are giving him. This is not blackmail, it’s simply showing him what he might miss if he doesn’t take the opportunity sooner.

Much of this is about how well you know him; in your ability to read his mind, to anticipate his moves and to satisfy his needs without letting him get used to it and taking it for granted. And don’t worry if you are at a loss for ideas, we all find ourselves in this situation sooner or later. Check out some of the other blog posts that are about keeping your man – and keeping him happy (over to the right). Maybe you simply don’t have the right man yet? You’ll also find tips on attracting men and, more importantly – attracting the right kind of men that are not going to procrastinate forever. The kind of man that will want to marry me is not gonna come around very often.

The Internet abounds in relationship guides and blogs which are stuffed with marriage and relationship advice you can use. If choosing seems difficult, here is a tip: check out guides or pieces of advice written by men, simply because there is a huge difference between what men think and what women believe they think – you’ll find many article pieces in the blog here that give the lowdown on a man’s perspective on marriage. This makes crucial reading for the woman that either needs to understand her current guy’s ways of thinking or for those that are looking to attract the right kind of partner from the get-go.

It is better to learn from someone who has actually been in your loved one’s shoes than to listen to the supposition of some woman who was just lucky enough to be proposed to by her man.

Attracting The Right Man – How Do I Do It?

 Discover 10 Secrets To Getting Your Man To Propose That 95 Percent Of Women Don’t Know About

For example, the Girl Gets Ring course is one of the most interesting blueprints available online, written by men who were once afraid to commit and they are now happily married, who know exactly what your man is going through and who can guide your every step towards the wedding you have been dreaming of. The best proof that the system works are the thousands of positive reviews received and the very authors, who turned from desired bachelors to loving husbands. Check Out Girl Gets Ring Here

Check out my review of this ground-breaking system when you get a chance. You might be shocked by what you discover about the man in your life and the way he’s thinking.